BuffyMUD Wiki

Other: houses

house list
  - Shows a list of all houses

house info <number>
  - Shows info on a particular house

house bid <number> <amount>
  - Bid for a house, must be above the reserve price that can be
seen with info, also rent is charged per month, and leases run
for 1 month.

house bids
  - Show your currents bids.

house room
  - Will set a room in the house as your personal trans location
which is where you will be sent after work etc.

house housekey <person>
  - Will allow a person to live in the house with you

house housekey all
  - Lets anybody enter your house.

house trust <person>
  - Will set a person to be able to decorate your house

house lockchange <person>
  - Will stop a person being able to live with you

house roster
  - Will show all people currently living in your house

house describe name <string>
  - Sets the name of the room to the string

house describe description
  - Places you in an editor to edit the room description

house describe furniturename <obj> <string>
  - Sets the names and string used when using an object
he sits on a (string) for instance.

house describe furnituredesc <obj> <string>
  - Sets the string seen in the room and places
into an editor for the long desc.
*note, long descs won't show up till a reboot.

invite person will still work for temporary invites to your
house, or to a house in which you've been given a housekey.