Name: Inga Malmgren
Date of Birth: November 19, 1992
Age: 23
Race: Human
Occupation: Nursing student, Yvette Lindo's secretary
Hobbies: Reading, Socializing, Shopping
Inga Malmgren was born in Sweden, and was raised by her parents in a small village in Visby. Her mother is a baker, and her father worked in a factory part time.

When Inga turned ten, she learned that she and her family weren't exactly normal by the standards of the average human. She began to develop the ability to manipulate objects with her mind, though it was an incredibly faint and weak thing, at first. After first noticing these abilities within herself, her mother revealed that Inga's grandmother had similar abilities, and gave Inga her diary, within which were pages of notes that gave advice on how to focus and hone her newfound abilities.

Thereafter, Inga's life has been riddled with strange run-ins with the supernatural, though nothing particularly dangerous. She has even met a few trolls, but her growing comfort in using her telekinetic abilities has made sure none of those encounters ended badly.

When Inga was nineteen, she decided that she wanted to move to America to continue her schooling and become a nurse, both to explore an exotic new country and to help those in need. Four years later, she realized this dream, having accumulated enough to fly to California and get along in a small, seemingly normal town near LA: Sunnydale.

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