BuffyMUD Wiki

Keyword: introduction

Syntax:  intro <description>
Syntax:  remember <person> <name>

Introductions allow you to learn the name of a person.  Until you know
someone's name, you will only see their intro description.  To set your own
intro description, simply type 'intro' followed by the description you want.
To remember someone else's name after they have introduced themselves to
you, type 'remember' followed by a keyword from their intro description
followed by their name.  For example, if you saw 'a hairy human male' in the
room, and he introduces himself as Huor, you could type 'remember hairy
huor' or 'remember human huor' or even 'remember 'hairy human male' huor'.
Remember, people can lie about their names. 
You can see your current intro by typing score or display.