"Jacob" was born to a wealthy family in England, in the year 1509 AD.
For the most part, life was good, he had a loving family consisting of
himself, his mother and father, and a sister ten years his senior.  Their
Village, about eighty or so miles out of London was very small, and his
family was by far the best off in town.  Jacobs father was noble born, one
who had forsaken his family to marry a poor peasants daughter, but he wanted
only the best for his young son, and began teaching him to be a gentleman at
an early age.  When he was six, he had his first fencing lesson, and nearly
lost his eye as he dropped the heavy blade in fear as his father attempted
to teach him to block a simple blow.  The boy had a reputation around the
Village as a enormous crybaby, prone to go from laughing and happy to crying
with no notice.  While not exactly spoiled, he was very sheltered, and had a
happy life.  Until the day of his tenth birthday.  Jacobs father wanted to
suprise his son with something he had never seen before.  Magic was feared
and despised under the rule of Henry VIII, but the man was so intent on his
boys happiness and praise, that he found a darkened alley, and a mysterious
man, who agreed to perform for a hefty fee.  The boys father was ecstatic,
he offered the man anything he wanted, then and there.  The man waved him
off the words "We'll decide that later."  Echoed as the man turned around,
and walked through a solid wall. 

The big day arrived, and the strange man showed up at the arranged time,

Jacobs father finally got a clear look at him.  The shadows seemed lighter
in contrast to this man, everything he wore was black, save for a bit of
white lace that graced his throat.  "He's scary..."  "Dont be like that son...
First impressions aren't everything."  "Please ignore my son, come in, come
in."  There was a sudden cracking sound, followed by a disgusting sounding
squish.  As the boys father was hurled across the room, smacking hard
against the wall. 
Blood dripped down the silk tapestries as Jacob watched the man float
upstairs, he heard his mother scream- A scream that was suddenly cut off.
Several moments passed, and soon the man was back in the room, dragging
Jacobs mother by the hair.  "Close your eyes, and I will tear them out."
The man growled to the small boy.  As Jacob nodded the man spoke again.
"How old are you turning?"  He asked, his face void of expression.  "T...
Ten."  The man smiled, exposing his pointed teeth "This might take awhile."
Tears appeared in Jacobs eyes as he watched the Vampire rape his mother,
over and over again...  Ten times in total, but fear kept his eyes open. 
Finally, the Vampire released the woman and she fell lifeless to the ground,
he slowly advanced on the boy.  Jacob screamed and reached into his high
boots, grabbing the knife that had been a present from his family, he leaped
into the air and drove it hard into the mans chin, dragging it down and
slicing a deep gash all the way down to the Demons chest.  The Vampire
cocked his head and slapped the boy hard across the face, then tilted the
boys head slightly, and drained his blood. 

Jacob was scared of a lot of things, but his worst fear was always: Being alone.

He woke up, and there was
nobody there, nobody answered his calls, there was no sound at all in the
large empty house.  He ran into the street, his fine clothes stained with
blood and screamed, and cried.  It was nearly midnight, but it didn't take
long for a number of people to assemble around the boy, trying desperately
to be heard above his screams, asking him what was the matter. 
It wasn't until the city guard arrived that they had any idea what they were
dealing with.  "Easy lad...  You can stop n-" the eldest guard said as he
laid a hand on the boys shoulder.  With a growl, Jacob gripped the mans
wrist and flipped him forward, landing him squarely on his neck, snapping it
and killing him instantly.  The boys hand shot out, a powerful backhand
catching another member of the guard in the chest as he was reaching for his
weapon, breaking his ribs and sending him sprawling backwards into the
crowd.  Jacob stood, and the crowd finally saw his face, twisted and
deformed, his icey blue eyes (which along with his crying, made him well
known in the village) were now glowing the color of blood.  And his teeth
were sharp and shining in the moonlight;  They ran.

Instinct took over and the boy fed on the bodies of the two guards, draining
them of all their blood. 


 Above is the most detailed event we have involving the Vampire Jacob.
However, through further extensive research we have managed to put together
the following timeline, but due to the targets spontaneous and often erratic
nature, some details may have been omitted, and it is not as thorough as we
 would like it to be. 

1509 - Born to a Semi-Noble family.  Pure blooded, powerful Noble Father and
low class mother where he stayed for ten years

 1519 - Sired by an unknown Vampire - Only have description to go by,
 evidence suggests he started the fire that obliterated his village and then

 1527 - Arrived in Mergentheim, then served as a Teutonic Knight under Walter
De Cronberg, believed to have been given the Sword and Armor of the fourth
 Grand Master, Hermann von Salza

 1566 - Continued serving as a Teutonic Knight, under the command of Wolfgang

 1572 - Remained loyal to the Teutonic Knights under Georg Hundt Von

 1580 - August 24th:

 Took part in the St.  Bartholomews Day Massacre in Paris, helped Catholics
 murder thousands of Protestants.  Also helped Charles Dianovitz, also known
 as "Besme" to gain access to Gaspard de Coligny, killing him. 

 1600 - Participated in the Battle of Alcntara in Portugal, fought for the
 Spanish because he said he liked their cool pointy hats, learned "proper"
fencing from some street rats in Spain. 

1604 - Febuary: Watched Giordano Bruno burned at the Stake for Heresy in
Rome.  After hearing the man speak he started, for the first time, to wonder if God actually existed. 

1604 - October
Snuck into the Opera "Euridice" during it's premiere in Florence, got
confused about the meaning of the play and killed all the performers
promptly after the show ended. 

Also watched the first ever performance of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and
laughed so loudly when the talking Donkey made it's appearance that he was
forcibly ejected from the court. 

1615 - January:
Jacob met "Count Jacob Pontusson De la Gardie" while the Count was on his

way to attack Moscow.  He was so happy to find someone with the same first
name as him that he went with the man to Moscow and killed hundreds of
soldiers (on both sides) and only stopped when the Count asked him nicely to please leave them all alone. 

1630 -

Mostly whined about how his "Best Friend, Count Jacob" had been so mean to
him, as he traveled alone.  Briefly visited Scottland but left as the
Witchhunts began to get more and more intense.  Often complained about how
much he hated being alone. 

1641 -

Traveled to France when he heard about Moses Amyrauts controversial book,
"De l'elevation de la foy et de l'abaissement de la raison en la creance des
 mysteres de la religion" intending to obtain a copy for himself, to see how
other peoples view of religion compared to his.  He was however, captured by
the French military and held in a Military prison, believed to be a Spy.
When it became clear that he was not (they had no idea that he was a Vampire at the time) they sent him to the Bicetre. 

1801 -

Jacob had been confined to the Bicetre since 1641, first as an orphan, then
as a mentally unstable patient, and then moved to a more secure section when
he was able to kill six guards who attempted to restrain him to stop his
constant, offkey singing. 
Between 1801 and 1803 his cell was next to that of Marquis de Sade, who
often spoke to him through the wall, the two shared their views of humanity.
He claimed to have admired Jacob for all the things he had done in the past
and and it is believed that at this point, the Vampire began to develop
strong feelings for the other man, having never received any real praise
since he had left his first home. 
It is possible (and widely believed) that they may have been sexually
involved with each other, although this is still unconfirmed.  According to
spotty records, Jacob confided in Marquis, asking him if all the carnage he
had played a part in made him a bad person,

but Marquis just laughed.  "To kill a man in a paroxysm of passion is
understandable, but to have him killed by someone else after calm and
serious meditation and on the pretext of duty honourably discharged is
incomprehensible."  He stated before falling asleep, leaving Jacob utterly
confused.  The next day Marquis was transfered to the asylum at Charenton,
having been declared insane, Jacob woke up to find his friend missing. 

To our knowledge, Jacob usually received a letter from his Marquis every
fourth or fifth week, often talking about how well he was doing.  Marquis
was allowed plenty of freedom at the facility, he was encouraged by the
director to put on several plays of his own writing and was permitted to use
inmates as actors. 
The last letter came midway through 1813, stating that a new Director had
taken over and Marquis had lost some of his privileges and was now confined
to his cell, and that he would probably not be able to write again for some

And then, on December Fifth, 1814, word reached Jacob that Marquis had died
three days earlier

According to journals kept by the staff of the Bictre, a change came over
Jacob.  He didn't talk to anyone, he stopped singing, and became
increasingly violent to anyone that tried to enter his, or Marquis' cell. 

He slept little and when he did he was prone to wild ravings and he often
screamed and howled loudly throughout the night. 

One evening the guards went to check on him and found that he was gone.  Not
only that, but the metal bars of his cell and been ripped clean off and
tossed against the opposite wall, no recorded trace of him was found in the
Bictre again, more conclusive checks report that the items he brought with
him (most notably, his sword and his old Teutonic Knight armor and surcoat)
had vanished from the armory. 

1815: Febuary There was a massacre at the asylum at Charenton, the director
at the time

was found crucified on the iron gate in front, with all his skin removed and
the message "Sex without pain is like food without taste" written on the
ground beneath him, in the bodily fluids of more then three hundred staff
members, whose bodies were piled nearby. 


There was no clue at the time who would (or even, who could) have commited
such a crime.  Further investigation shows that Marquis' will and testament
went missing the same day and that the message written beneath the director
was cited to have appeared in the document. 
1850: October - December

During the Taiping Rebellion, there were numerous accounts from both sides
about a small child with "Eyes of the Devil" that stalked through the
battlefield with a gigantic sword, carving a swath through the skirmishs and
cutting down soldiers from both sides with a ferocious power.  But he
disappeared without a trace after claiming over six hundred victims. 

1900 -

Claimed the lives of well over a thousand combatants in Chinas Boxer
Rebellion.  Jacob says that he "found a strong girl there and punched her
through a wall, then got bored and left" our evidence suggests that the girl

was in fact, the current Slayer, Xin Rong.  She was later killed by another Vampire. 

1914 - July:

 World war I begins, Jacob is seen on a boat towards Germany, diligently
polishing his armor. 

August - September

Battle of Tannenberg: A very small figure wearing a Helmet with a large spike sticking out of the top was seen prancing back and forth across the battlefield singing loudly, a Russian soldier on night patrol fired at him by mistake and the figure screamed a number of curse words.  The next morning, fifteen hundred soldiers were found cut to pieces and the remains strewn inside the camp. 
 1915: May-

 Second Battle of Artois: A child with a Demonic face and large armor was seen running across the plain between the two camps screaming loudly.  When the sun rose, the message: "Imperious, choleric, irascible, extreme in everything, with a dissolute imagination the like of which has never been seen, atheistic to the point of fanaticism, there you have me in a nutshell....  Kill me again or take me as I am, for I shall not change.  - M.  D.  S" was found, the letters formed
from the small and large intestines of the French soldiers. 

We have confirmed the message to have appeared in the will of Marquis De Sade. 

1920: March:

Ireland: The Black and Tan special constables arrive in Ireland and met considerable resistence from what they claim were "Oddly dressed street urchins" units would frequently go missing and appear days later impaled on top of church spikes, if there were any witnesses among the Irish population, none of them came forward, there were reports of a black haired boy standing on the roofs of buildings looking down at the massacred group as their friends found them. 

1930: April:

A fire broke out at The Ohio State Penitentiary near Columbus, three hundred
and twenty were killed.  Surviving inmates claimed that a small child was
walking up and down the aisle outside their cell, eating twinkies and
reading a Mickey Mouse comic, seeming to kill convicts and guards at random
as the prisoners fled from the flames. 


Jacob is seen in Chicago, yelling at random people to get jobs and to stop
being so mopey or else he would "beat them up"


 Reports from a Squad of German soldiers that they found a family of Jews
 hiding in the attic of the house.  The report states that they wouldn't have
 found them if not for the actions of a young black haired boy who alledgedly
 child seemed to be an orphan, and was inducted into the "Deutsches

 Adolf Hitler took a special interest in Jacob after witnessing the Vampire
 destroy a C-54 Skymaster carrying fifty allied soldiers with a ball of
 Shadow fired from his hand.  Jacob was consequently awarded the Iron Cross
 second, and first class by Adolf himself shortly after.  Hitler began to
 question Jacob about his "Life" and provided the Vampire with sweets, in
exchange for good (In the Fuhrers eyes) actions.  The man took to calling
Jacob "Morning Star" claiming that he would be the Light-Bearer for the
German people. 

1945: April 30th:

Hitler and Jacob part ways after a lengthly discussion about human ethics.
As Hitler leaves to commit suicide, Jacob claims to have understood what
Marquis meant by the last words he spoke to him. 

1957: November 6th:

Jacob meets Elvis Presley and decides that he wants to be a musician, and
begins styling his hair to resemble 'The King' who he believes to be an
actual king. 

1970: September 5th:
Jacob enters the Vietnam War causing an uncountable number of deaths to both
American and Vietnamese soldiers, rough estimates put the casualties caused
by him to be well over a thousand each. 

1977: May 25:

Jacob attends the opening of Star Wars and is heard to have remarked that
"The Stormtroopers he remembered never would've missed that much." 

1982: July 17th:

The metal band "Judas Priest" releases their "Screaming for Vengeance" album, rumors start to circulate about Jacobs relationship with the band. Someone close to them has claimed that they have met the Vampire and that several of the songs are inspired by him.

1990: November: Japan: Jacob waits outside an electronics store in Japan and
decapitates a Japanese boy as he exits, having just purchased the Super
Famicom, the console was missing from the body. 

1995: April 19th:
Oklahoma City: Jacob is seen watching from a window as the Fedreal Building
goes up in flames, grumbling to himself. 

December 31st: Jacob is reported to have cried for over two months as the
last Calvin and Hobbes cartoon strip is published. 

1997: August 4th:
A young boys voice that we believe to have been Jacobs, alledgedly phoned up
numerous large corporations and asked to speak with the President of
Cyberdyne Systems.  When told that he had the wrong number, Jacob replied
hanging up. 

August 13th:
South Park premieres on comedy central, reports from where Jacob was
believed to be living at the time shows that the deathrate of people named
"Kenny" had quadrupled. 

August 15:

India celebrates 50 years of independence from British rule.  Jacob, annoyed
at it being televised constantly, went outside and began punching anyone
that looked Hindu for fun. 


A description of a murderer on a News Program leads Jacob to believe that
his sire is residing in Canada, he immedietely heads there. 

2001: September 11th:
Jacob watches the planes crash into the twin towers on a giant Television in
a bar filled with people.  He calmly turns to the person next to him and
exclaims "I can see my old house in that shot."  And flashed a thumbs up. 


Still having no luck in finding his sire, Jacob trudges through the streets
at night, he stumbles across a young girl who introduces herself as Sadie.
Jacob is reminded of his friend Marquis and doesn't hurt her, instead
befriending her and visiting her at her home every night for several months.
He eventully tells her that he is a Vampire and their friendship grows stronger. 


All the potentials are called at once, and Sadie becomes a Slayer.
Immediately trying to slay Jacob when he comes to wish her a happy birthday,
during the fight he accidently kills her by kicking her into a woodchipper.


Jacob kills several of our Watchers that attempt to apprehend him, gains
access to our database and finds information about the last known
whereabouts of his Sire: Sunnydale California

2006: Jacob arrives in Sunnydale


Exercise extreme caution when dealing with this Vampire, he frequently attacks brutally without provocation. 

He has however, been known in the past to serve others in exchange for
"treats" such as cake, candy or brownies.  But it is assumed that this
loyalty is only temporary, until the rewards run out. 
Due to his appearance and his short attention span, he is often mistaken for a child. 

Do NOT under any circumstances allow this to happen, he has murdered an
uncountable number of innocents, and though he often kills Demons and other
Vampires as well, he is far too much of a threat to be allowed to continue
with his ways. 
Remember, that no matter what he may say or do in the presence of who he says are his friends:

He is ancient and he is evil. 

Jacob doesn't usually sire others, but there was one case where the man
named "Nikkos" had over exerted himself while performing a ritual for Jacob.
As the man lay dying, Jacob turned him, saving his "life"


There is a note attached to the page;

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are mentioned in the Book of Revelation, they are traditionally named 'Pestilence', 'War', 'Famine' and 'Death' and ride white, red, black and grey horses respectively.

Numerous incarnations of The Horsemen have appeared over the course of history, they most recently appear heralding the arrival of a meteor of enormous mass intended to bring about the end of the world.

The Apocalypse is being orchestrated by the almost half a millennia old Vampire;  Jacob Thorne, formerly a key player in 'Operation Parabellum' which he assumed control of after the disappearance of the commanding officer, Kamau Zuberi.

Picking the two members he believed to be the biggest assets to Parabellum, Jacob founded 'The Horsemen' which is dedicated to causing Armageddon.

The four Horsemen are reputed to be;  Jaemi Volonoski, a powerful telekinetic and gifted sorcerer, filling the role of 'Pestilence'.  Nikkos Ashling, whose blood magic sacrafices helped increase the Meteor to it's gigantic size was designated as 'War'.  The Irish Vampire, Donal McFenian was asked to join as 'Famine'  And Jacob himself has occupied the position of 'Death'. 

Each member is recognizable by a tattoo of a horse and rider with their position written above on their right hand, except Jacob who for some reason (possibly related to his status within the group) bears it on his left.

On January Sixteenth, two thousand and nine. Jacob was killed, Leaving The Horsemen without a leader.  
The recently deceased Russian Werewolf Yurik Arkady, his soul now property of Wolfram & Hart was sent by his new owners to take control of the project, taking over the mantle of "Death"

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