Kairi Mitchell

Kairi (present)

Name: Kairi Jean Mitchell (not original birth name)

Class: Slayer

Height: 5'2

Weight: 122

Birthdate: 03/26/1991

Eyes: Hazel Blue

Hair: Crimson Red

Home: Sunnydale, California

Relationship: Married to Yvette Lindo

Association: Shitkicker Coalition

Occupation: High School Substitute Teacher


Kairi Jean Mitchell was born on March 26, 1991 to her parents Henry and Isabel Mitchell in Oxford, UK. When Kairi was six, she was told that her mother was killed in an accident. In truth, her mother had been practicing magic for a few years and became "addicted." The addiction itself had consumed her and as she was performing a spell one day, it backfired and she was sent flying out a 16th floor window at the apartment building they were living. Henry took the responsibility of his daughter after that and moved to an isolated part of the city so she was kept away from the supernatural. It didn't work for long though because when Kairi turned twelve she started to have strange dreams and her senses became more acute.

Fearful that his daughter was practicing magic behind his back, he shipped her off to a boarding school with very strict orders that she only do as she's told. Kairi, not understanding what was going on at the time, started to resent her father and became resilient whenever he would come to visit. She ran away from the boarding school and stayed with a friend while going to the library often to read and study. Her father finally found the location of her whereabouts on Kairi's sixteenth birthday and went to see her. When she agreed to talk to him, he explained everything that happened and told her that he researched while she was away.

He had found the Oxford branch of the Watcher's Council and they had informed him that his daughter was now a Slayer. He told her that he had gotten her into Oxford University and she went to attend until she was a little over eighteen. Then, when her father came to visit her one day, he said that he had been contacted by a Watcher. The Watcher had told him that Kairi had to go to the Hellmouth. When Henry had questioned what a Hellmouth was they simply told him Sunnydale, CA. So, while Henry raised enough money to ship his daughter to the United States, Kairi studied at the Watcher's Council for awhile. She learned a lot about the Hellmouth and Sunnydale.

On November 2, 2016, Kairi Mitchell married Yvette Lindo.

Strength Level:


Above Average Reason: Slayers are imbued with supernatural abilities.
Speed Level:


Above Average Reason: Slayers are imbued with supernatural abilities.
Martial Arts Level:


Above Average Reason: Slayers are imbued with supernatural abilities. Also, has trained in several arts.
Vitality Level:


Above Average

Reason: Slayers are imbued with supernatural abilities.

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