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Kayla McCarthy
*Given Name*
Jezebeth Franciska von Elderburg the Fourth
Half-Demon Devil

Short Summary

"Jezebeth" is the result of a mixture of an occult and scientific invention of demon hunters. From a young age, her body was forcibly channeled to receive a demon, that is, possessed, though sealing it as a means to control the powers granted to her, planning to use her as an aide in finding and thwarting demonic attacks. Nicknamed, Oracle, in her human state, her sight and much of her strength was sapped from her as she developed under careful observation. In transit to another handler, she happened to pass by the Hellmouth, and due to the nature of the experiment, was left vulnerable to further entities who deemed her as their host. One entity in particular, managed to glean complete control over Oracle's body and suppressed her almost entirely.

Her body's new disposition causes her to harness and rely on the abilities of other demons, culminating into a stronger and stronger entity while still being debased to a human body primarily. For sustenance, she gathers innate energy from overly passionate individuals, typically emotional ones, though not strictly.

The Painting Realm

Despite the demon's overwhelming presence, Oracle still remains dormant in a self-created subspace called the Painting Realm that few have ever seen. Oracle's consciousness remains guarded even from the demon there and commands the same amount of power, though is only shown if the demon itself loses control in a moment of vehemence.

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