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Kenzie Carpenter
Origin: Beaumont, California
Race: Human


Parents, Louise and Joseph Carpenter and older brother, Joel Carpenter

Kenzie Carpenter was born in late November of 1990, in the town of Beaumont, California. After high school she decided to join the police force, but found that life as a cop wasn't all she hoped it would be. Frustrated by the lack of opportunity for her input into cases, she had many run ins with her boss, Lieutenant Manning. After a particularly volatile argument, she quit the force. She worked for a couple of years doing security jobs, but found herself feeling bored and frustrated. After running into a former collegue, who was now working as a private detective, she decided to start working towards getting her own licence.

Kenzie qualified as a private detective in the summer of 2017 and immediately took to the work. She enjoyed the freedom of being her own boss and choosing her own hours. She began to develop a reputation in her local town as someone who got results. When Naomi Rivero, an eighteen year old college student went missing, her family became disillusioned by the police's efforts to find her and turned to Kenzie. Naomi had left her hometown to study at The University Of California, Sunnydale and had stopped making contact with her family and friends back home, after a few months. Contacting the college, they were alarmed to discover she had not been attending classes and that none of her new friends had seen or heard from her either. Kenzie traveled to Sunnydale, to see if she could track her down.

After finding Naomi alive, Kenzie returned to her work in Beaumont. She didn't give much thought to her time in Sunnydale, till she recieved a phone call from a UC Sunnydale Professor, Lucy Willis. Professor Willis still had Kenzie's business card from when she was making enquiries about Naomi. She wanted Kenzie's help to track down some missing kittens. As a breeder of ragdoll cats, the felines had both sentimental and monetary value to her. Though not too enthralled by the case, the pay was good, so Kenzie returned to Sunnydale, where she managed to track down the missing moggies. Delighted with her work, the wealthy Willis offered to set Kenzie up in business in Sunnydale, giving her a monthly fee for her services and promising to refer other clients to her. After musing the matter over, Kenzie decided to stick around.

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Concept Bracket Calculation
Former Cop/Private Investigator (Base level 40)


Statistic Level Reason
Vitality Exceptional for a human She has a high standard of physical fitness, believing staying in shape is important in her work.
Strength Slightly above average for a human Keeps in shape, but otherwise an average woman
Speed Slightly above average for a human Can run fast when needed, but wouldn't win any medals
Martial Arts Average No training, but has seen a few movies
Weapon Assembly Advanced Kenzie has an interest in guns and had training in assembly during her time as a cop. Since then she has kept her own weapon and is experienced in caring for it.
Weapon Skill Skilled Kenzie knows how to use her weapon successfully, should she need to defend her own life, or that of someone else. She visits a shooting range on a regular basis.