Name: Khadija Thompson
Alter Ego: Amber Rose
Origin: The Middle East, Southern California
Race: Human -- Sin-Eater


Sunnydale Theme Song:

Novacane -- Frank Ocean
Rumored to have recently met a violent demise within the walls of a local mental asylum within the outskirts of Sunnydale, Khadija has willingly undergone a process some call The Bargaining. It is the acceptance and willingness to allow a Geist, a spirit that has given up their mortal identity to become the embodiment of the ideas and imagery of their own deaths, to merge into her body in return from being brought back from death. While some would certainly call this a form of possession, it is quite the opposite; the Geist and the host have entered a symbiotic relationship with Khadija wholly in charge.

What this relationship entails for her remains largely unknown, as the debilitating drug treatments have left her disconnected from the world around and within her; her situation makes one question whether she truly is schizophrenic or not.

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