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Name: Landon Guerra
Nicknames: None
Origin: Catania, Italy
Race: Human Caucasian
Archetype: Sorcerer
Affiliation: The Silvers
Landon was born in Catania, Italy, and was raised under a totalitarian father. His mother was killed by demons shortly after Landon was born, giving Landon a vendetta against the devilish denizens.

The first time Landon ever killed anyone was shortly after hitting his twentieth birthday. He was confronted by a mugger one night, and he blacked out while defending himself. When he awoke, the mugger was gone, replaced by a pile of ash.

Landon traveled around Europe searching for a reason for what happened. He started learning the art of magic, but could not continue his studies, due to his father making him leave the house. So, Landon moved to America.

Hearing about Sunnydale, and the 'weird' stuff that happened there. He hopped a plane, and arrived in Sunnydale in August, 2021. While there, he continued his paranormal education, all the while practicing his less moral activities. He hasn't made many friends in Sunnydale, but he is known to be loyal to the ones he does have. Layout by Janisu.

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