Other: language

Syntax: language list
   - Will list all your known languages and available language slots.

Syntax: language buy fluent/basic
   - Buying a fluent language slot can only be done in the first few
days after rerolling/creating and costs 20 credit points, buying a basic
slot can be done anytime and costs 5 credit points.

Syntax: language learn fluent/basic<slot> <language>
   - Will place a new language in one of your language slots, languages
must be one word in order to properly work, so if you want a two word
language, it should be hyphanated. Must be done in a Library.
Languages can only be learnt fluently in the first few days after creating
or rerolling.

Syntax: language upgrade <language>
   - Will upgrade a basic understanding to a moderate understanding for 5 credit
points, or from moderate understanding to fluency for 10 credit points.

Syntax: lsay <language> <argument>
   - Speaks in a foreign language you've learnt.

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