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FenriX cell number ten, from left to right: Dimitriov Arkady, Yurik Arkady, Alexei Kirill

Lokrovitel, or Protectors, as it loosely translates originated as a branch of the military interested in the Study of the Supernatural and Arcane. It evolved over the decades to become a force that, while still researching them, tended more towards battling Hostile Supernatural Beings that posed a threat to the country and society in general.

They try to recruit mostly people possessed of great talent in the arcane and Magical areas, as they prove more effective against Supernatural threats than just weapons.
Lokrovitels most secretive branches, experimented heavily with attempting to find or create their own army of powerful Super Soldiers to battle these threats. They keep close watch on any and all individuals showing talents in the Magics and the arcane, and abducted several for testing.
The most effective project was known as FenriX. It takes humans infected with the Lycanthrope virus and mixes their blood with the essence of several powerful demons to build their Super Soldiers. With training and minor torture, they even manage to get their subjects to control their bloodlust and transformations. There are only ten known successes in this project. There are 182 Central Lokrovitel Agents operating world wide, most of which remain in Russia.

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