Basic Information

Race: Half-Demon

Origin: Peaks Island, Maine

Gender: Male

D.O.B: August 8, 1999

Siblings: Rachel Monroe

Occupation: Travelling hobo rockstar.

Theme Song: Alice in Chains - "Them Bones"

Lonnie is a half-demon kid from Maine who has been playing the guitar for most of his life. He worked hard, taking online and night classes to graduate from high school early (gaining college credit along the way). As soon as he had graduated, he left home to live the life of a traveling musician. Things weren't always easy for him, but he has lived the last year or so on his own as a vagrant, making money where he can and slowly making his way to California.

His parents weren't particularly happy with his choice of lifestyle, but they could hardly stop him. And with his telekinetic abilities, his mother is only a thought away.

Lonnie's fraternal twin sister is a slayer, identified as a potential at an early age and taken to Tibet to pursue training as a slayer to ready her in the event that she was called to be the next Slayer.

To Lonnie, Sunnydale is just another stop on his way to fame and fortune. Hes staying here mostly due to the steady gig at the Bronze. He also feels more free here to embrace his demonic side, which has been emerging more and more since his arrival in Sunnydale.

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