Magic addiction is the result of overuse of magic. Character suffering from magic addiction must regularly use magic or suffer from withdraw symptoms.

The various magical disciplines have differing effects on magic addiction. General Magic increases magic addiction and is the primary means of staving off withdrawal. Mental Magic, on the other hand, has no effect on addiction at all. The two types of Aligned Magic have opposing effects. Holy magic actually reduces addiction, while dark magic increases it rapidly.

For those suffering from withdrawls, Magic Addiction Suppressants can be purchased at the Magic Box, which is south of state and main. However, the only ways to deal with magic addiction that does not simply make it worse in the long run is the above mentioned holy magic or going cold turkey on magic until the addiction counter lowers.

Withdraw Symptoms Edit

A non exhaustive list of symptoms, listed by severity.

  • Thinking about magic/Wanting to cast magic/Tapping foot impatiently
  • Twitches and dizziness, which may sometimes force people to sit or stop walking.
  • Vomiting.
  • Severe shuddering, which can cause you to drop objects.
  • Throbbing headaches.
  • Hot and Cold Flashes


There's two counters, addiction and withdrawl. 

Casting spells - increases the addiction counter and lowers the withdrawl counter.

Not casting spells - Lowers addiction and raises withdrawl.

Addiction is tiered. At each threshold, the withdrawls last longer, come faster and get worse symptoms. So if you try to power through withdrawls with more magic, you'll eventually reach the point where you can't chant fast enough to keep the withdrawls at bay.

Some people report being bugged out by withdrawls kicking in after taking a suppressant. This is actually because all the suppressant does is kill the symptoms of withdrawl, it has no effect on either withdrawl counter or addiction counter. So if you're really far gone or near a threshold, you'll probably tick over to another withdrawl, with increasing likelyhood if you're still casting spells.

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