Given Name: Makya Tewa
Current Alias: Dian (Pronounced: Dine)
Previous Aliases: Tango, Volos, Vahal
Birthplace: Hopi Mesa - (Arizona)
Original Race: Human
Archetype: Warrior
Affiliation: Community Standards Committee, Pacific Marine Life Trust

Standing at a few inches short of six feet, he seems to be nearing his prime life. His shoulders are set slightly broad for his stature, giving off the appearance that his neck and head are slightly small for his body. His skin is dry, almost ashen to touch, yet keeps a oily tanned tone. A prominent jaw frames his face, his chin is set forward, a sign of a prognathic lower jaw.

'Dian' is well known for using a wide aray of weaponry, favoring a pair modified electrial blaster pistols and a set of specialized curved knives, all of which seems to be on his person at any given time. Another odd trait which he seems to posess is to alter his clothing almost at will, appearing to reshape clothes from one set to another.

Concept Bracket Calculation

Powerful Inhuman Warrior

(Base level 50)
Inexperienced CQC Combatant (Modified to level 15)
Veteran Human Soldier (Modified to level 30)
Unstable Demonic Transformation (Modified to level 40)
Experimental and Armorments (Modified to level 60)


Statistic Level Reason
Strength Advanced for a inhuman Lean muscle has reformed from renewed efforts to restart rigorous training during his career as a military officer.
Speed Exceptional for a inhuman Having altered his being from that of a human he can continued in his efforts to become more lean and agile at the cost of body mass and strength.
Martial Arts Equivalent of several years of training In his years as a Staff Sargent he was not only a participant of MCMAP but also a leading instructor.
Weapon Skill Military Grade His ability with arms has been reduced from his height but have slowly been recovering to the what they were when he was a military officer.
Demon Buffs Distinctive During rampid changes, a series of horns have formed along his brow which are large enough to gore most targets.
Demon Mystics Minor The trait is not hidden but is not obvious, he possesses the limited control of how his clothing appears.
Vitality Exceptional for a inhuman Through rampant abuse and further modifications to his body, the tolerance for pain mixed with rapid, some times disfiguring, regineration has left him difficult to kill.
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