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Other: mentor

Syntax: mentor off/on
   - Turns off and on automatic mentor assignment, good if you're
an experienced player making an alt and don't want a mentor.

Syntax: mentor <person>
   - When used by an experiences player offers their services
as mentor, when used by a newbie, selects a new mentor.

Syntax: mentor <accept/reject>
   - Used to accept or reject an offer of automatically assigned
mentorship, in half an hour offers are automatically rejected,
the newbie is completely unaware of this process until someone

Syntax: mtalk <message>
   - Used to communicate with people you're mentoring or people
who're mentoring you.

The mentor command is used to create a special helping bond  
between a newbie and a more experience player.
Mentors must be of rank Defender/Adversary or higher.

If a player you're mentoring sticks around, you will receive rewards
as well as especially helpful mentors will likely earn immortal
rewards. If you abuse this position, you will be severly punished,
if you choose to become a mentor you have an obligation to do
a good job of it.

Mentor is a position of which is expected patience and empathy
as well as being proactive, you are expected to do more than just
answer questions, you should also go ahead and explain things
they need to know when they need to know them, instead of when
they work out they need to know them.

There are no negative consequences for rejecting an offer, and
once you've accepted if you feel you're not doing as good a job
as someone else might, you can find a new mentor for the newbie,
who can adopt them with mentor <person>

Mentors are both an IC AND OOC position, as a mentor you will be
expected to use mtalk or aids etc to help your newbie get the hang
of the game, you will also be expected to take IC charge of them
get to know them ICly and introduce them to others. If you don't
think you can RP with them a reasonable amount or help introduce
and guide them through the IC environment, you should not take
the position.

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