Other: minions

Syntax: minion <circle number> name/room/frequency/attack/scout/probe/retrieve/stash/buy/deliver
Minion <number> name <string>
    Costs 5 Manpower, sets the name of your minions, for example
        "a vampire minion"

Minion <number> room <string>
    Sets the string seen when the mob is in the room, for example
        "a vampire minion stands here"

Minion <number> frequency <number>
    Sets the frequency of the circle.

Minion <number> attack <person>
    Costs 1 Manpower, sends a minion to attack your target.

Minion <number> attack <person> subdue
    Costs 1 Manpower, sends a minion to subdue your target.

Minion <number> scout <person>
    Costs 1 Manpower, broadcasts the targets location of the circle's frequency.

Minion <number> probe <person>
    Costs 3 Manpower, beams an image of the target to the user via satellite.

Minion <number> retrieve <object>
    Costs 1/4 manpower, fetches and item from your stash.

Minion <number> stash <object>
    Costs 1/4 manpower, put's an item in your stash.

Minion <number> buy <object>
    Costs 1/4 manpower, buys an object and has it delivered

Minion <number> deliver <object> <person>
    Costs 1/2 manpower, has an object delivered to a person.

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