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Basic Info[]

Race: Caucasian/Human

Gender: Female

D.O.B: April 18th, 2000

Age: 18

Occupation: Security/Bodyguard, High School Student, Slayer

Affiliations: Main Street Delinquents, leader Shitkicker Coalition

Hobbies: Drinking, fighting, shopping, building ships in bottles

Theme Song: "Safety Pinned and Sick" by Lower Class Brats


Born Miriam Gibson to parents Linda and Robert in Los Angeles, California. She was active in sports as a child, taking part in little league baseball and soccer. She also took some basic karate lessons for around a year when she was nine. She was an average student.

When she was ten years old she and her parents were hit by a large truck while out driving. Their car was thrown from the road and flipped several times, killing her parents and badly injuring her. Her injuries were so severe she wasn't expected to survive, so it was surprising when a week after the accident she was showing signs of improvement. Within three months, after many surgeries and rehabilitation she was able to get up out of bed. Fully recovered with only the scars to remember the trauma.

After the recovery she was placed in a group home, she lived there for two years before she was adopted by Ralph and Dinah brown. She lived happily enough with them and their son Timothy, age nineteen. She started running track in school and took up karate classes again. She remained an average to poor student with an abysmal attendance record.

At fourteen her adoptive father was killed in a brutal attack, drained of all blood. It was explained as an animal attack and Miriam accepted this explaination. She and the remainder of her family continued living in LA for another year, as Dinah slipped into a depression and started drinking heavily. Unable to pay the bills they moved to Sunnydale due to the low cost of living. Timothy stayed behind to go to college. Dinah became more and more distant from Miriam, caring little about what she did or didn't do.

Miriam began actively skipping school, caring little for grades or even the sports she used to enjoy. Once she found out about the supernatural and her innate Slayer abilities she became focused heavily on slaying. She joined a street gang led by Lucos Kirklin, the Main Street Delinquents. After a few months when Luke left town to help his sister fight in Chicago, she took over leadership duties until his return.

After a few months of leading the Delinquents alone, Miri was called to Chicago to help Luke. She is currently there, helping he and his sister with their fight.

She has returned to Sunnydale after several months of fighting in Chicago. She is, on the surface anyway, very much the same girl shes always been.


Statistic Level Reason
Strength Very exceptional for a human Her Slayer abilities combined with a lot of weight training give her greatly increased strength. She is able to lift a great deal of weight for a girl of her size. She relies heavily on her strength when fighting.
Speed Exceptional for a supernatural Her Slayer abilities, combined with her small frame and experience runnning track give her greatly increased speed. She practices freerunning and can run along the rooftops of the town.
Martial Arts Equivalent to several years of training. As a kid, Miri was often enrolled in martial arts classes. For several years in fact. But her young age and lack of mental discipline didn't allow much of it to sink in. Later when she moved to Sunnydale and reestablished contact with Annabelle Winter, a former member of the watcher's council she took up more formal training. Miss Winter's training fortified her knowledge, but when Miri moved to Chicago and fought alongside other slayers she became quite adept. She is a natural, and quickly picks up fighting skills.
Vitality Exceptional for a supernatutal Her Slayer abilities combined with a traumatic past give her increased vitality. She can take a beating and in fact often enjoys being able to take a beating. Pain is slightly dulled for her.