Name: Mrvinsrinil
Nicknames: Merv, Mick, Rocky, Rocko.
Origin: Earth, Unknown Location - Artificial construct
Race: Golem (Stone)
Archetype: Warrior
Affiliation: Shitkicker Coalition

Mrvinsrinil was created by a demon sorcerer by the name of Kzavuel for the purpose of being little more than a useful, power-lifting, slave. By means of an enchanted rod, he could compel the golem to obey commands or induce extreme pain for whatever failure. Mrvinsrinil (or Merv as he offers for those who find his name difficult to pronounce) served his master for more than half a century, mostly out of an inability to do otherwise. He assisted with menial tasks, primarily--moving furniture when Kzavuel decided their current location was getting too dangerous--and, occasionally, as a means of holding human test subjects in place during his studies into Ascension.

Recently, following a move to Sunnydale some ten months ago or so, Mrvinsrinil was locked into a closet. The move having been completed, the demon did not wish to draw suspicion by having someting as unusual as a golem roaming around--even in a place as, naturally, unusual as Sunnydale. When it came time to move on next, Kzavuel was rather liberal with his use of the pain-inducing rod. In a moment of fear and excruciating pain, Mrvinsrinil lashed out and killed his master. Ironically, in all that time the sorcerer had not instructed the golem not to kill him. Thus, he was freed to wander the streets above and make friends.

Layout by Janisu.

Concept Bracket Calculation
Powerful demon (Base level 50)
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