Other: nemesis

Syntax: rescue <mob>
Syntax: research <person>
Syntax: nemesis info
Syntax: nemesis set <person> <nemesis/minions/description.

Every now and again, your nemesis might do something to you, send someone
to attack, kidnap an npc friend of yours etc. Many of the things they do
such as kidnapping or cursing generate a 'lair' where the person they
kidnapped, or sub-boss who's channeling the spell is located, these
lairs are filled with double exp aggro mobs, and are accessible by
-anyone- also anybody who researches you while this is going on
(about half an hour), including yourself, will be able to see the area
where the lair's located. If you find a kidnapped person down there, use
'rescue' to free them.

A nemesis dungeon allows you to kill the nemesis, which is seperate
to the mini-events, killing the nemesis will buy your char a while
of peace before a new, more powerful nemesis comes along.

The nemesis command allows you to customise yours or othere people's
nemesis, you need to be fame rank 2 to do your own, and fame rank 5
to do other people's.

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