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Other: newbie

Here are some commands to get you started. You will learn some of these and
 others during your journey.
 who                     - lists those that are on the MUD, at least those
                           that you can see.
 look                    - lets you see the room name, the room description,
                           and who/what is in the room.
 look (person/item)      - lets you see who/what it is and the description of
 say (message)           - sends a "say" message, only those in the room can
                           see this message.
 chat (message)           - sends the (message) to the OOC channel.
 newbie (message)        - sends the (message) to the newbie channel.
 pray (message)          - sends the (message) only to the immortals.
 equipment               - will show your characters equipment that he/she is wearing.
 inventory               - will show what items your character is holding.
 eat (food item)         - will make your character eat the (food item).
 drink (drink item)      - will make your character drink the (drink item).
 group                   - will show your characters group information.
 score                   - will show your characters statistics.
 display                 - will show other things for your character
                           (eg. titles ect.).
 kill (enemy)            - will have your character attack the (enemy).
 consider (enemy)        - will give your odds against the (enemy).
 desc                    - will edit your characters description.
 history                 - will edit your characters history.
 jetlag (#)              - will set your IRL time.

 Partial keywords will work for most of these commands.
 (you can type "sco" instead of "score")

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