Name: Nicki Heat
Nicknames: Nick
Origin: Australia
Race: Firey Incubus Halfie
Archetype: Sorcerer
Affiliation: Himself?
Nicki Heat was born the son of a powerful incubus and some woman who "fell in love" with said Incubus. Trouble with this particular incubus was, he'd like causing chaos around the world. And in order to do this, he'd impregnate several women around the world, and curse his children with insanity around the time of their 18nth birthday and abandon them. So, back to Nick. When Nick was born, the Incubus did what he does, and left. The mother grew heartbroken and abandoned the baby. Ever since then, Nick's pretty much raised himself along with a group of orphans who didn't have a home themselves. Nick has no idea about the looming curse heading his way, but he does know about the strange powers he's been getting, and came to Sunnydale to find more about them, and possibly his parents. In order to arrive to the U.S., an unknown benefactor gave him a ticket and some cash, and pointed him in the direction of Sunnydale.

Layout by Janisu.

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