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NAME: Nicolo Orsino(Nico, now thinks he's Shark)

D.O.B.: December 27, 2003 (Current age: 20)

RACE: Formally Human. Has transformed into something unique.

OCCUPATION: Cashier(?)

Hobbies: Shooting demons, Drawing

Affiliation: ???


Statistic Level Reason
Strength Exceptional for Human Years of extensive fitness training combined with being a relatively healthy young adult has pushed his strength to its limits.
Speed Exceptional+ for Human
Years of extensive fitness training, combined with a balanced approach, has allowed Nico to match strength and speed. In addition, his transformation has allowed him to access more of his supernatural physical capabilities.
Martial Arts More than a year's worth of training Pietro, a veteran demon hunter, taught Nico all he knew about combat over a period of a decade. Avoiding direct combat, however, has left Nico somewhat less effective in melee than his mentor.
Weapon Assembly ???? ????
Weapon Skill Sniper level training Nico's primary focus when it comes to hunting demons is his ranged weaponry. While his training has been rather broad, much of what he has slain came down to his substantial ability with guns and crossbows of all forms.
General Magic Moderate to Advanced Nico's education with magic has been mostly focused on the more supportive styles: Healing, alchemy, wardings, exorcisms, protections. Recent events have left him able to use electrical based magics with relative ease.
Mental Magic Limited to Moderate Nico is a sensitive boy, which allowed him to notice the inconsistencies with his brother and the world at a particularly young age. He has a sort of sixth sense that breaks through minor forms of illusions. An expectancy charm is one such example.
Aligned Magic Advanced Nico has advanced training as an exorcist and is a natural with holy based magic(protections, scrying, bindings, etc). His raw power can be attributed to the Elohim essence that has broken out.
Demon Offense ???? ????
Demon Buffs Noticeable He now has claws, fangs, and a tail. It is rumored he can only be destroyed in highly specific ways.
Vitality Exceptional for Human Despite being a rather frail child, Nico has grown into a sturdy, stubborn young adult. Had it not been for his incredible willpower and nearly supernatural ability to withstand pain and injury it is likely he would not have survived a recent incident.