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Navigating Note Boards:
note scan             : shows counts of unread notes in each board
note area <boardname> : changes your current board to the board
                            specified by <boardname>  

Listing Notes:
note list             : show all notes (unread notes are marked with (New))
note thread <num>     : show all notes in thread <num>

Reading Notes:
note read             : reads the next unread note in the current board
note read <num>       : reads the note specified by <num>
note catchup          : marks all notes as read

Writing New Notes:
note to               : sets the To field
                          (all, playername, clanname, immortal, etc)
note cc               : sets the Cc field
                          (all, playername, clanname, immortal, etc)
note bcc              : sets the Bcc field.  No recipients will see this field.
                          (all, playername, clanname, immortal, etc)
note subject          : sets the subject for a new note
note edit             : enters the note editor (see below) 
note clear            : erase a note in progress
note show             : shows the note you are working on
note post             : posts a new note. This MUST be done to post a note.

Replying To Notes:
note reply <num>      : sets up a standard reply structure, continuing the
Forwarding Notes:
note forward <num>    : sets up a standard forward structure, continuing
                          the thread

Immortal Note Commands:
note delete <num>     : deletes the note specified by <num>
note delete <player>  : deletes all notes in the current board
                          posted by <player>
note delete all       : deletes all notes in the current board

Posting to certain boards is restricted.  You will be informed of
when you are not permitted to post to a board.

Note editors are similar to description editors.  Before using
these you MUST turn off parsings(if your current client uses this
function.)  Once you do such, just type 'note edit' and the '.h'
for more information.

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