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Basic Info:[]

Old Man Mike unmasked

Name: Mike

Race: Half-demon

Archetype: Sorcerer

Affiliations: None

Hobbies: Exploring, quietly socializing, etc.


Not much is known about Old Man Mike. Before his time in Sunnydale he belonged to a secluded, hermetic group of sorcerers that dedicated their time into the study of seeing magic beyond the limits of mortal senses. From their tower in the middle of the void, they watched and studied the workings of long-forgotten magic locked in various dimensions extending through unexplainable planes of existence. Until an unanticipated event brought their tower-like dwelling to Earth, whether it was compelled into an accident by a supernatural event, or done deliberately, it was most certainly unexpected.

Soon after its appearance in Earth, the tower’s defenses gave out and a massacre led by curious vampires and demons ensued, ultimately burying the tower with Mike inside. It wasn’t until many years later when it was excavated by accident that allowed him to escape. He arrived in Sunnydale in a state of confusion, not knowing the area, the cliques, the scenes, and most of all, whose side he needed to take. Often his intentions were misunderstood by the residents but he’s chosen to stay as he has nowhere else to go.

He’s taken residence in Sunnydale with several properties on hand, dividing his time between explorations of his new home and socializing with the residents of Sunnydale.


Statistic Level Reason

Strength, Speed, and Martial Arts

Average for a human No physical prowess whatsoever.
Magic None Despite his magical origins, certain forces in the earthly plane renders his magic arsenal useless. Spells he honed before arriving in Sunnydale are ineffective due to their very nature conflicting with the laws of this reality.
Demon Powers Unique By focusing his magical potential to fuel his demonic counterpart, he is able to restore the use of his demonic powers. However, these powers are of questionable origins that were conceptualized in a different plane long before his arrival in Sunnydale, thus they cannot be used effectively. To supplement this, he’s resorted to manipulating his supernatural potential by producing replications of various demon-based powers and abilities which he employs through his demon form.

This form of power replication, while flexibly granting him a multitude of powers, holds a grave side effect that diminishes his power to a quarter of its full strength when used against all forms of sentient beings.


Average for a demon

Regardless of his abilities, he has the constitution and disadvantages acquired by old age. He goes down easily.