Immortal: oldold

Syntax: EDIT AREA [create/reset] [vnum]         - Area Creation and Repoping.
Syntax: EDIT ROOM ( [create] [vnum] )           - Room Creation and Editing.
Syntax: EDIT OBJ  [create] <vnum>               - Object Creation and Editing.
Syntax: EDIT MOB  [create] <vnum>               - Mobile Creation and Editing.
Syntax: EDIT MP   [create] <vnum>               - MobProg Creation/Editing.

Syntax: ASAVE  <world/area/changed/list>        - Save Editing to Disk.
Syntax: ALIST                                   - Listing of Areas.
Syntax: RESET  See Help Resets.                 - Set Game Resets.

Definition: [optional]  <required>  (combined arguments)

     The above commands are used to expand the game world.  The original
code is based on was written by Surreality and installed in The Isles by Locke.
It was then converted to work with Envy by Jason Dinkel, and ported to ROM
2.3 by Hans Birkeland (Hugin). Port to Rom 2.4 by Ivan Toledo (ver 1.7).

     Inside an editor, typing COMMANDS lists working commands and ? gives
help. AEDIT and REDIT default to the current area or room. EDIT ROOM RESET
resets the current room.  Most commands with no arguments display syntax.
Hedit new
new (keyword)

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