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Priscila 'Heca' Soto.jpg
Given Name: Priscila Soto
Current Alias: Heca
Birthplace: TBA
Original Race: Human
Archetype: Witch
Affiliation: None

You see a young women who is no taller then one-hundred sixty-five centimeters tall but only weighs sixty-three kilos, while soaking wet. Her skin is a uniformly light olive tone colors except on her left forearm. Several light lines, almost ivory in color, wrap around her arm's width, appearing to be flat scars. While smiling, subtle dimples can be seen.

Concept Bracket Calculation
Young College Student (Inexperienced Human) (Base level 15)
Magical Foci Crystal (Artifact) (Modified to level 30)
Demonic Haunting (Possession) (Modified to level 40)
Magically Infused Flesh (Average Half-Demon) (Modified to level 50)
TBA (???) (Modified to level 60)

Extended Concepts[]