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Area: Announcements - Note #5084
From: Tyr
To: all
Subj: Public/Private changes and why I make you suffer
Time: Wed Jan 5 07:51:07 2011

I've put in a new piece of code, this will stop people who're cop
spankable from moving into private rooms adjacent to public ones in the same
area. Effectively the intent is to stop people running through the Bronze
etc while toting a huge axe or covered in blood and then hanging out in the
couches as if they magically disappeared when they moved into them.

I'd like to also explain briefly, using the recent workout code as an
example of what goes into the motivations to implement these types of code
because contrary to popular belief I am in fact not a sadist out to ruin
your lives.

When a person runs on a treadmill they are aspiring to improve their
cardiovascular fitness, in order for this to happen the system must be taxed
to an extent where the body believes it needs to be improved. Taxing this
system requires a large amount of oxygen to fuel it, leading to the person
running breathing heavily. Talking requires a steady exhalation of breath
which inhibits the ability to breath heavily and reduces the oxygen intake
which in turn causes increased lactic acid build up.

In short, talking while running is uncomfortable and this is why nobody who
is running wants to hold long conversations, generally prefering if they
have to speak to do so in short bursts which will not take away from their
breathing for very long.

Additionally as a game mechanic the workout code is a time sink, it asks you
for a certain amount of your time that you might prefer to spend doing other
things, such as socialising, and rewards you for that time with vit bonuses
and a nice posterior.

An issue began to arise and increase in prevelence ever since jog spam was
removed wherin people were indeed socialising while running on treadmills,
this caused problems for two reasons. The first is it was very bad RP, says
regularly ran into hundreds of words without an elipsis or pause, there were
never any emotes to indicate that this talking was in any way additionally
taxing or any indication that they should stop running or move the
conversation elsewhere because it's easier to talk sitting down than while

In short despite the vast differences you would expect from a conversation
between two people short on breath and two normal people there were no
differences demonstrated by people doing this at all.

The second problem, is they were effectively getting something for nothing.
By being able to do the exact same RP they could do in the Bronze, they were
able to do what they wanted, while also incidentally gaining the workout

This becomes an issue that requires my intervention because not everyone
does it. A good number of players continued to not socialise while running
or indeed talk in short bursts and show a disinclination to be very chatty
while on the treadmills. In short, they were RPing well, and for this they
were having to spend less time doing what they wanted and/or recieving less

Ergo I put in a piece of code to limit treadmill conversations to short
bursts to encourage people to RP talking on a treadmill in a more realistic
fashion. Consequently I saw people start to use socials to carry on the
same extended conversations they were having before, and other people get
into the treadmills with someone else and text back and forth.

This lead to social extention being impossible while running and severe lag
timers being put on texts while running.

I do not want to have to keep chasing players around the game with code to
close off every conceivable loophole they might be trying to find to get
around things. For one thing most of those things they use for loopholes
can be used for legimate purposes, and for another it's just a hassle for

This is only one example but it highlights a lot of what ends up being my
job, some people RP well, others play the game to gain the greatest code
benefit and thus come out ahead, in order to not encourage people to RP
poorly I have to find some way to stop that from working, even if it often
closes off other potentially cool possibilities. With every attempt to 'get
around the code' or min/max the game you are forcing changes which make
things worse for everyone.

I highly encourage you as players to think about your RP and the realism of
your actions from time to time, rather than concentrating so entirely on
what gives the greatest benefit code-wise. I think you will find it to be
ultimately a much more rewarding path and it means less work for me chasing
you around with a big stick of code.

As an additional unrelated piece of advice, it's very common for me to see
people log in, seemingly check to see if they people they want to RP with
are on and then log off immediately afterwards because they aren't, only to
have the person they were likely after log in ten minutes later, check to
see if they are on and then log off. Many of you might find it advantageous
to learn to idle a little bit.

Thanks for your time,