Other: rp chars

A RP char is an alternate character given permission to play
past the normal 15 hour threshold. These are only rewarded
in rare circumstances, and only for characters who are not
an alt in the traditional sense, but rather fulfill some
specific, and fairly unqiue rp purpose. A good example
could be a prophetic character, who is logged into to
give prophecies etc. You will not get an rp char simply
cause your alts rp is uniqe or 'really really cool'
Signs your alt might be suitable as a RP char:
#You spend almost no time leveling them.
#Other players request you to log them on
from time to time to help with certain rp
#You almost never log them on except for
specific RP.
#They're not having sex with, or dating any other

If you don't have at least two of those, really
don't bother, and your chances are slim without
all of them, rp chars will be *very* rare.

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