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Area: Announcements - Note #3442
From: Tyr
To: all
Subj: rp rules
Time: Fri Jun 26 17:36:46 2009

I just thought I should write this note to check if people have actually read the RP
rules and to remind people to please follow them.

Help rp rules, help rp rule 3, help merit.

Some things I've noticed in the game recently are pretty obviously breaking these
rules and I'd rather not have to get out my big whacking stick over it.

Specifically; If your character is away for a length of time, do not RP them being
kidnapped and horribly tortured etc please. It's grossly unfair to characters who
actually undergo real unpleasant things happening to their character in game to have
their sympathy and what have you stolen by someone with some fantasy torture story.

Also, please don't RP your char having some musical ability without a musical job,
being a model without working out to the maximum possible, or being famous etc without
some code support for that.

Don't write events that aren't the fault of your character's conscious will, and also
please don't play a character that's really two characters in one body.

Lastly, don't take a job your character couldn't logically ICly have, because they're too
young, or ICly have a criminal record etc.

I'm sure there are more issues but those're the four that jumped out at me recently,
these issues are well covered in the helpfiles I believe and I will happily answer
any questions on them if asked, even if you just want to know why they're there or
debate their worthiness.