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Area: Announcements - Note #6349
From: Tyr
To: all
Subj: RP Server
Time: Fri May 4 11:28:31 2012

So I've noticed an increasing divisiveness amongst the players.
Particularly between groups that seem to be a fair bit more hardcore about
their RP, notably good/evil rp, and those who're I think more interested in
the social experience and PvE progression elements. This seems to be
causing a lot of friction, and unhappy people. Ergo I'm trialing a new
idea, that of a Bmud RP server. This is an alternate port which should
cater to the more hardcore RPers while leaving the social sandbox of Bmud
calmer for those who prefer it that way.

In order to join the RP server, you will have to apply to staff referencing
a character of yours you believe to be high quality or be invited by someone
already playing. From there you can either have characters copied over, or
start a new one. New characters will also be able to apply to start at a
higher level etc if there's concept/story reasons for it. Having a
character copied over won't lose you anything on this server.

I make no guarantees I'll keep the RP server open indefinitely, it's really
an experiment and depends entirely on the success of it both to give people
a more enjoyable experience there and to not diminish the game here too