NAME: Rachel Monroe

D.O.B.: August 8, 1999

RACE: Human

OCCUPATION: College Freshmen, Junior Police Officer

Siblings: Lonnie Monroe

Hobbies: Mixed Martial Arts, Singing, Dancing, Cooking, etc

Affiliation: None

Fraternal twin of Lonnie Monroe, Rachel was born in Peaks Island, Maine in August 8, 1999. Born to a half-demon parent with psychic capabilities, these powers passed down between the two siblings. Both gained Telepathic capabilities, but wherein one gained enhanced 'sight,' Rachel lost hers, and has been blind since birth.

She quickly learned to cope, though, using her telepathic abilities to see into the eyes of those around her, so in a since she never really lost her sight. She formed a rather close bond with her brother, and around the age of three, she was identified as a Potential Slayer, and was taken away willingly to be trained.

She was sent to Tibet, and lived there all of her life, training Martial Arts styles, Demonic and Vampiric Lore, and combat. Towards her 20th birthday, Rachel was then sent to Sunnydale, California, to assist in combating the evils that lived at the edge of The Hellmouth.


Statistic Level Reason
Strength Above average for a Slayer Due to physical training in Tibet before being called, Rachel had physical strength gained through intense and demanding athletic conditioning. As a result, her being activated only boosted what she had, which was then trained upon.
Speed Above average for a Slayer Due to physical training in Tibet before being called, Rachel had speed and agility gained through placement in rather precarious situations that demanded greater speed for survival. As a result,her being activated only boosted the speed she had, which was then trained upon.
Martial Arts Equivalent to Several Years of Training Having trained with Tibetan Monks after being identified as a Potential since birth, Rachel is very competant and effecient in several forms of Martial Arts Styles and forms.
Vitality Exceptional for a Supernatural Physical Conditioning and Pain Tolerance training prior to being activated due to intense physical training in Tibet. Upon Activation, this was greatly bolstered. Freaquently works out to maintain peak athletic endurance.
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