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Rafferty Stewart
Origin: Sunnydale
Race: Human


Parents, Gina and Matthew and younger sister, Phoebe
Rafferty 3.jpg
Rafferty was born and raised in Sunnydale, so is used to the weirdness of the town, without actively being involved in it. Upon the insistence of his parents he was trained in martial arts and learned how to shoot a gun, so he is able to take care of himself if needed. He attended Sunnydale High School, before moving to Los Angeles for college, where he combines his studies with a thriving modeling career. Despite no longer being based in Sunnydale, he often returns to see his family, friends and girlfriend Nena, who is a student at Sunnydale University.

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Concept Bracket Calculation
Tougher Than The Average Teen (Base level 40)


Statistic Level Reason
Vitality Exceptional for a human He has excellent stamina and runs on a daily basis
Strength Exceptional for a human Lifts weights on a daily basis
Speed Exceptional for a human Natural ability and regular training
Martial Arts Black belt in karate and experienced in other martial arts Has had classes since the age of five
Weapon Skill Experienced with guns Has been firing a weapon since he was twelve