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Rebekah Ellis
Origin: Seattle, Washington
Race: Human


Rachael Ellis

Rebekah (known as Becky) is a graduate of Sunnydale University, where she studied English Literature. Originally from Seattle, she and her older sister, Rachael moved to Sunnydale in the early winter of 2019, in the hope of preventing any more needless deaths at the hands of vampires. After losing both their parents and aunt to these soulless creatures, it's a cause close to their hearts. The Ellis sisters soon made a home for themselves in town, finding both friends and allies. Unlike her slayer sister, Becky lacked natural abilities in fighting against the supernatural, so became determined to find a way to be as useful as possible. Firstly she began training with a crossbow, eventually coming under the supervision of Bryan Goldstein, an experienced soldier at the town's army base. Next she asked the powerful witch, Yvette Mitchell to teach her magic. Through a combination of these new abilities, Becky began to grow in confidence. When Rachael decided to leave town, to be with her boyfriend Hayden Cartwright, Becky opted to remain behind and continue with her studies. Soon after this she met Kostya and the two quickly became involved romantically. 

In the Autumn of 2024, Becky found herself experiencing depression. She had previously suffered an episode, after the death of her father and now appeared to be relapsing. Kostya had been out of town for an extended period, without any way to contact Becky. Though she was aware this was unavoidable, she started to feel rather lost and alone. This combined with the fact her education was now complete, left her concerned that she was just drifting. She decided to take some time out and stay with Rachael and Hayden in London. It was during this visit that Kostya contacted her, to let her know he was safe and that he would be joining her in England, with his brother, Ilya. Becky and the two brothers returned to Sunnydale in the Spring of 2025.

Although she tried to get back into her old life in Sunnydale, Becky realised she had fallen out of love with the place. Things felt different, now she'd had experience of living elsewhere again and she began to doubt her long term future in the town. Pushing these thoughts aside, she focused on her writing and managed to complete her first book. After sending it to a publisher, she not only secured a book deal, but also managed to sell the rights to the screenplay. At the end of November 2025, Becky, Kostya and Ilya decided to make the move to Los Angeles, where they would all have better opportunities for work.

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Concept Bracket Calculation
Experienced Supernatural Hunter (Base level 40)
Basic Magical Training (Modified level 50)


Statistic Level Reason
Vitality Exceptional for a human She has excellent stamina and takes part in regular martial arts training.
Strength Slightly above average for a human Keeps in shape, but otherwise a normal girl
Speed Slightly above average for a human Keeps in shape, but otherwise a normal girl
Martial Arts At least a year's training Was trained by her father, a martial arts expert, and later her Slayer sister.
Weapon Assembly Advanced Tinkerer A quick study, she was trained by a soldier named Bryan Goldstein to adapt crossbows to demon and vampire hunting.
Weapon Skill Paramilitary-level Training Rebekah has had training with ranged weaponry, particularly in the use of crossbows.
General Magic Basic Training Rebekah has been receiving tutelage in the arts of magic from Yvette Mitchell.