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Full Name: Reese Michael Weathers

Age: 16 (apparent); 17 (actual)

Race: Vampire/Cultist

Occupation: Grave Digger

Origin: Sunnydale, California

Theme Song: "Give 'em Hell Kid"


Reese was sired under relatively mysterious circumstances. Little is actually known about the vampire that made him, other than that he appears approximately the same age as Reese and tends to sire others of the same age. Reese would tell you that he eagerly accepted the offer to be made a vampire, and he greatly enjoys being one. In life--as well as death--he was a fan of the works of Anne Rice and other similar authors, and even Twilight (though he'd never admit it). He enjoyed living in a crypt "like a real life vampire", and revels in the romantic image of vampirism.

He is odd in that he doesn't care much for demons, and the more demonic the appearance the less he likes them. He'd tell you that they creep him out and that they smell funny, hes even been known to kill them from time to time. He really has no moral quandaries when it comes to murdering anything, be it human, demon or even vampire if he deems them "not vampire enough". Reese is all about fun, and doing what teenagers do: Staying up late, finding girls and getting into trouble. Only he plans on doing it forever.

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