The Personal InformationEdit

Race: Caucasian Humanesque Demon

Gender: Female

Date of Demonisation: 12 July, 1915

Date of Human Birth: 1 November, 1898

Demonic Age: 104  

Total Age: 121 

Occupation: Mercenary, Casual Mass Murderer, War Poet 

Affiliations: Herself. She so loves herself. You should too. 

Hobbies: Swimming, swimming, swimming, swimming...


Sanura's Theme (Emotional Joystick, Rotterdam)

Sanura's Theme (Emotional Joystick, Rotterdam)

Current Status:Edit

Sanura is heavily pregnant, and developing fast. Word on the street is that Christiano is the father. Somehow.

Sanura currently has a temporary soul. 

Things folk have said 'bout Sanura:Edit

  • Nancy: Sanura smells!


Ding! Wink wink.

The StatisticsEdit

Statistic Level Reason
Strength Wet paper towel? After a terrible accident, Sanura became as physically weak as a puppy! D'aww!
General Growing towards Runaway Freight Train. Being infused with supernaturally created demonic spore-viruses can have that kind of an effect on someone.
Aligned Please hide me! Her newly vulnerable nature has Sanura reaching for sources of hiding. She's got that covered at least.
Demonic Offence Is it getting cold in here? After some dandy further adaptations, Sanura's rather cold now...inside and out.

Think paper towel. Again.

Intelligence I think I see God sometimes. You know that awesome kind of intelligence that is just a little fucked up? That'd be Sanura.
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