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The Personal Information[]

Basic Info:[]

Race: Caucasian Humanesque Demon

Gender: Female

D.O.B: 12 July, 1915

Age: 103

Occupation: Mercenary, Casual Mass Murderer, War Poet

Affiliations: Herself. She so loves herself. You should too.

Hobbies: Relentless cutting of people who get in the way. Startling Hayden. Refering to herself as "attractive". Drinking scotch. Photography (Polaroids), Motorcycles. Breaking things with her face.



Sanura's Theme (Emotional Joystick, Rotterdam)

Things folk have said 'bout Sanura:[]

  • Nancy: Sanura smells!

Ding! Wink wink.

The Statistics[]

Statistic Level Reason
Strength Growing towards Freight Train. She was a slayer before the whole demon thing. It only made her stronger.
Speed Growing towards Runaway Freight Train. Years of training at the hands of watchers has left her very keen speeded. Of course, she's ever improving.
Martial Arts Hi-JAH! Oh, oh gosh, are you alright? Absolutely Sanura's least favourite subject- but she tries. She tries real hard. Real real hard.
Vitality Think brick wall. This is where Sanura truly excels. After becoming a demon filled with a slayer's energy, Sanura can take a hell of a beating for a hell of a time before she sneezes.

The FUCK is a computer?

When her human side was born, it was the close of the 1800s. She hasn't been to school since.