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Name: Sascha Konstantin
Origin: St. Petersburg, Russia
Race: Human
Archetype: Soldier, Slayer
Affiliation: Lokrovitel

Born to Maxim and Karina Konstantin on the 1st of November 1996, Sascha Konstantin was born in the wake of tragedy. Karina’s health was always fragile and the strain of childbirth proved too much for her body to recover from, she passed away only a matter of weeks after giving birth to Sascha.

Maxim was distraught, but as a high ranking soldier within Lokrovitel he had to carry on. Early on, he threw himself into his work, eventually rising to the head of Lokrovitel itself. For her earliest years, most of Sascha’s care was left to Nursemaids and nannies, but after a time, when she was three, Maxim began to care for his daughter himself. Guilty for leaving her for so long, he began to dote upon her, seemingly making up for lost time.

Father and daughter were nearly inseparable; she came to work with him most days and could often be found playing in a corner of his office. As she grew older she required an education, at first he put her in the finest private schools in the country, but with how much Maxim had to travel for his work, he finally gave in and began hiring tutors as well as schooling her himself. As she grew it became apparent that Sascha loved her father dearly and was fiercely loyal to both him and Lokrovitel. Her father kept little of the nature of his work from her, including her, from what some would say is far too early an age, in the workings of most of his projects.

Concept Bracket Calculation
Human (Base level 15)
Trained Soldier (Modified Level 30)
Slayer (Modified Level 40)
[Redacted}] (Modified Level 50)
[Redacted] (Modified Level 60))