Name: Michelle "Shelly" McCall

DOB: October 9th, 2001

Race/Class: Human/Witch

Hobbies: Working out, playing pranks, getting into trouble

Occupation: Cashier at KFC


Shelly's not much to speak of. She hails from Lawrence, Kansas and comes from a family of mentalist witches that are also known for practicing more traditional magics. Her grandmother is a known spirit healer in the local magic community and her mother is also noteworthy locally. She's never known her father. Shelly inherited the mental gifts of her mother and grandmother -- magic wise anyway, she's sort of a ditz -- and practices general magics as well. Once taught predominantly by her grandmother, she now studies and practices on her own after having moved to Sunnydale, California to seek her own destiny.

Just out of high school and on her own for the first time, Shelly finds herself in a strange position. She had no personal contacts or connections in town, relying on a few friends that her grandmother had nearby for support and magic study materials. And she found out very fast why the cost of living in this town was so exceptionally low (save for the skyrocketing weapons prices). Either way, she's here and what better way to get back to her witchy roots than to hang out in Hogwarts with the rest of the kooks.

She soon found a job at the local KFC and often reeks of chicken. If she's not at the mall, she's likely at the gym or the Bronze like most teenagers. For access to magical research materials, she runs errands for a few of the more occult circles in town and she rarely fights.

Perceptive people may notice that she occasionally has more money than your typical chicken flipper. She's not extravagantly wealthy by any means, but as of yet the mysterious source of income has yet to be discovered.


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