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Shitkicker Smiley

ShitKicker Roster:

Leader - Yvette Mitchell

Shitkicker - Damiene Talleday

Shitkicker - Kimberly Johansen

Shitkicker - Kairi Mitchell

Shitkicker - Úlfur Ólafsson

Shitkicker - Tyron


Chains, Erasmus Bishop, Portia Blackwood, Raoul Lewis, Etaine Cleary, Brenden Oakley, Axel Stillwater


Ramon DeWitt, Gillian Corbana, Hayden Cartwright, Denis Schwartz

Fucking animals. That's what they are, the criminals, the vampires, demons, even the fucking cops. Well, boys, that's what we are. We're fucking animals, too. Even worse than animals. We're shit. We're the scum of society, the sadshacks, faggots, and assholes. A wise man once told me, we fight fire with fire, we only get a bigger fire. You know what I say? Fuck that wise man. Fuck philosophy. Decent people shouldn't deal with pricks like us. So we'll deal with pricks like us. We're the Shitkickers Coalition, boys. We're in the business of ass kicking, and while business isn't good, we're the fucking Sam Walshes of it. Let's go kick ass.

- Chains' "Big Brother" address, from a tape recorder found in City Hall.