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Other: shops

Commercial properties can be bought at auction and used for varying purposes, most usually
to sell player designed equipment, in effect the code allows players to put up existing
items, but completely restrung, if you don't see the point of wanting to do that well the
code probably isn't for you. Almost all house commands operate for shops too.

shop list/bids/bid/trust/lockchange/info/roster/describe/shopkey
- These commands all operate like the equivilant house commands.

shop <direction> <glass/plaster/wood/brick/steel/door/demolish>
   - Places a wall or door in an exit in your property.

shop name <name>
   - Names your shop

shop type <street, house, school, factory, museum, club, building, shop, park, graveyard,
crypt, rest aurant, cafe, zoo, hotel, alley, tunnel, cave, wood, church, bedroom, bathroom,
kitchen, study, gym, water, office>
   - Sets the room type.

shop save
   - Updates your changes and saves the shop

commercial shopkeeper list
   - Lists all the shopkeepers in this shop
commercial shopkeeper name <number> <name>
   - Creates and names a new shopkeeper
commercial shopkeeper markup <number> <percentage>
   - Sets the markup for that shopkeeper, 100 is the same price as would normally be paid.

commercial good list
   - Lists all goods that can be sold from this shop.
commercial good create <number> <object> <name>
   - Creates a replica of <object> with name <name> to be sold in this shop.
commercial good names/short/long <number> <string>
   - Allows further customization of the appearance of an object to be sold

shop shopkeeper add <number>
   - Adds a previously designed shopkeeper to this room.
shop shopkeeper remove
   - Removes the last shopkeeper
shop good add <number>
   - Adds a good for sale here.
shop good remove
   - Removes the last good put up for sale here.
shop furniture add <number> <name>
   - Adds a piece of furniture with the selected name
shop furniture remove
   - Removes the last added piece of furniture.

cashout <mobname> <amount>
   - Takes the profits your shopkeeper has earned, with a negative amount gives the shopkeeper
money in order to finance sales of less than 100 percent markup