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Area: Announcements - Note #4025
From: Tyr
  To: all
Subj: Small changes
Time: Wed Nov 25 08:28:15 2009

The bug with researching some people crashing the game has been fixed,
people with personalised nemeses will now get a slight fame bonus.  You will
no longer be able to work or work out in player owned shops. 

The reason for this is to combat the trend of people buying out player owned
shops to be personal work spots etc and taking away from their usefulness as
actual places to RP or shops that sell things.  It's really quite aburd how
many shops that were previously designed to be genuine and useful have been
bought, filled with doors and just used to workspam.  It also should cut
back on the number of people taking office jobs even when it makes no IC
sense of them to do so.