Area: Announcements - Note #4914

From: Tyr

To: all


Subj: Social attacks and skill costs

Time: Thu Sep 30 06:07:38 2010

Two changes, the first is I've made it so if you attack someone right

after they've done a social attack there is a pretty good chance that they

will be flagged as the aggressor in the fight for determining police

response. It is mildly unreliable, has to be done very quickly, and

depending on how you start the fight you might be flagged as copspankable

too. But I'm happy with it like that, giving risk to both hitting people as

well as jumping people who hit you.

Secondly I've changed the way skill costs are handled, special newbie skill

money is gone, but every single skill now costs $25. I put this in because

it seemed like the costs of skill training for new players was prohibitivly

difficult and didn't really add much to the game.

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