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kiss Isn't there someone you want to kiss? You don't want to do that in public. You kiss it <originator> kisses you.
shake You shake your head. You shake your head repeatedly. You shake your head at <target>
snuggle Who do you want to snuggle? Right, because that doesn't seem desperate. You place your head on <target>'s shoulder and snuggle up to it.
grin You grin. You grin evily. You grin at it.
clap You clap your hands together. You clap for yourself. You clap for <target>. <originator> claps for you.
frown You frown. You look down at your feet, frowning. You frown at <target>.
moan You start to moan. You moan at yourself. You moan for the loss of it. <originator> moans at the sight of you. Hmmmm.
sing You raise your clear (?) voice towards the sky. You sing a little ditty to yourself. You sing a ballad to it.
snore Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Linefeed
whistle You whistle. You whistle a little diddy to yourself. You whistle at <target>. <originator> whistles at you.
tickle Whom do you want to tickle? You tickle yourself, how funny! You tickle <target>.
daydream You dream of better times. Linefeed
snarl You grizzle your teeth and look mean. You snarl at yourself. You snarl at it.
apologize You apologize until you are blue in the face. Linefeed You might as well apologize because it sure as hell won't. <originator> apologizes to you and begs for forgiveness.
flirt Who is it that you want to flirt with? Yeah, and I bet you'd get her number too, wierdo. You flirt with <target>, puckering your lips and winking an eye. <originator> flirts with you, puckering its lips and winking an eye.
babble You babble endlessly. You babble on and on to yourself, FINALLY! someone who LISTENS!! You babble to <target> for hours on end.
grimace You grimace painfully at the thought. You grimace painfully at your thoughts. You grimace at <target>.
nod You nod. You nod repeatedly. You nod at <target>. <originator> nods at you.
worship You prostrate yourself and worship the gods! You worship yourself. You fall on your knees and worship <target>.
boast You boast loudly of all your amazing accomplishments. You boast to yourself of all your great feats! Your own biggest fan. You boast to <target> of all your great deeds. Once again, <originator> boasts to you, what a bloated ego!
mutter You mutter quietly to yourself. You mutter quietly to yourself. You mutter something to <target>. <originator> looks at you and mutters something nasty under its breath.
duck You duck your head. Linefeed You duck your head, anticipating an attack from <target>. <originator> ducks its head, anticipating an attack from you.
tweak Tweak who? You can't DO that. You gently tweak its cheek. Isn't it so CUTE? <originator> lovingly tweaks your cheek. It reminds you of Grandma... sniff...
cheer You let out a joyous cheer! You let out a joyous cheer for yourself, pleased with your own actions! You let out a joyous cheer for <target>! You scared poor <originator>! Now her is cowering in a corner, afraid for its life.
cower You cower in a corner. You are afraid of your own shadow! You cower away from <target> and its harsh words.
scuff You scuff at the ground with your foot. You scuff at the ground with your foot, pondering a thought. You scuff at the ground near <target> with your foot. <originator> scuffs at the ground near you with its foot.
wait You wait patiently. Waiting for yourself? Could be a while... You look expectantly at <target>, waiting. <originator> looks expectantly at you, waiting.
wrist You hold out out a wrist for a slap. You slap your own wrist. You slaps it wrist sharply. <originator> slaps your wrist sharply.
salute Who do you want to salute? Right, because THAT makes sense. You salute <target>. <originator> salutes you.
ah You say 'ah' in comprehension. Linefeed
furrow You furrow your brow. You deeply furrow your brow. You furrow your brow at <target>. <originator> furrows its brow at you.
cross You draw a cross in the air with your hand, whispering quietly. You cross your chest, pressing your palms together and praying quietly. You draw a cross in the air between you and <target>, warding it away.
analyze Who do you want to analyze? You enter a self analytical mode, trying to figure out your own quirks and oddities. You analyze <target> carefully, it sure is a strange one. <originator> analyzes you carefully, making you feel like a bug under a microscope.
admire Who do you want to admire? You admire yourself, maybe you should brush that chip from your shoulder. You look at <target> with eyes full of admiration.
touch Who do you want to touch? In public? For shame. You hold a finger near <target>'s nose and proceed to chant, "I'm not touching you, I'm not touching you..." <originator> holds a finger near your nose and proceeds to chant, "I'm not touching you, I'm not touching you..."
shush You put a finger to your lips to signal silence. You start to say something and quickly cover your mouth. You try to silence <target> by putting a finger to its lips.
gulp You gulp nervously. You gulp, trying not to wet your pants. You look at <target> and gulp nervously. <originator> looks at you and gulps nervously.
blow Who do you want to blow a kiss to? Self love should only go so far. You blow a kiss to <target>.
tug Who do you want to tug upon? You pull on your clothing, straightening it out. You tug on <target>'s clothing expectantly.
bounce You bounce around like a little kid. You bounce off the walls. Lay off the caffiene! You bounce circles around <target>.
scream You scream loudly! You let out a scream of frustration! You scream loudly at <target>!
cuddle Who do you feel like cuddling today? You must feel very cuddly indeed ... :) You cuddle it.
bow You bow deeply. That makes no sense, now does it... You bow before <target>.
cough You cough. You cough loudly for several seconds! You cough in the direction of <target>.
gasp You gasp in astonishment. You look at yourself and gasp! You gasp as you realize what it did.
nibble Nibble on who ? You nibble on your OWN ear ??????????????????? You nibble on <target>'s ear.
slap Who do you want to slap? You slap your forehead! Doh! You slap <target> hard across the face!
stare You stare blankly at nothing in particular. You stare down at your feet. You stare at <target>.
wiggle Your wiggle your bottom. You wiggle about like a fish. You wiggle your bottom toward it.
pat Pat who? You pat yourself on your head, very reassuring. You pat <target> on its head.
fume Take it easy now! count to ten, very slowly. That's right - hate yourself! You stare at it, fuming.
spank Spank whom? You spank yourself playfully. You spank it playfully.
caress Who do you wish to caress? You tenderly caress your body. Loser much? You tenderly caress it.
tip You tip your hat gallantly. Linefeed You tip your hat to <target>.
ramble You ramble on and on. Rambling to yourself again? They have medications for that. You ramble on to <target> about your past adventures.
boggle You boggle at the concept. You boggle at yourself. Hmmm...intriguing. You boggle at <target>.
purr You purr contentedly. You purr quietly to yourself. You rub up against <target> and purr contentedly.
bearhug Whom do you wish to bearhug? You vainly clutch yourself in a bearhug for consolation. You overwhelm <target> with a great, big, hulking bearhug.
squirm You squirm uncontrollably in your consternation. Linefeed You look at <target> and squirm with delight.
sob You sob quietly to yourself. Linefeed You sob quietly to yourself because <target> has hurt your feelings so badly.
bonk ***BONK!!!*** You bonk yourself, fool that you are. You bonk <target> on the head for being such a moron.
peck Wouldn't you like to do that to a person, or do you prefer air? You must REALLY like yourself. You give <target> a peck on the cheek.
plead Who is that you want to plead? You plead for your own sanity. You plead <target> mercilessly.
noogie You can't noogie the AIR! It has no head. You rub your head and create a static charge... You grab <target>, get it in a head lock and NOOGIE it!
chortle Heh. You chortle at your own joke. You chortle mischievously at <target>.
bat Linefeed Linefeed
yowl You yowl in frustration. Linefeed
crinkle You crinkle your nose at the thought. You crinkle your nose like a rabbit. You crinkle your nose at <target>.
primal You tilt your head back and unleash a primal scream of victory at the sky. Linefeed
hum You hum a quiet tune. You hum quietly to yourself. You hum quietly in <target>'s ear.
french Kiss whom? Linefeed You give <target> a long deep and passionate kiss
toepick You say to no one in particular with a sing-song voice, "TOOOOOOOEPIIIIIICK!" Linefeed You look at <target> and say with a sing-song voice "TOOOOOOOEPIIIIIICK!"
flick Who do you want to flick? You flick a piece of lint from your clothing. You flick <target>'s shoulder in a snotty manner.
thumb Who do you want to bite your thumb at? Insulting yourself again? I'm sure someone else is more deserving. You bite your thumb at <target>.
scoff You scoff in distaste. You scoff at your own actions. You scoff at <target>.
glower You glower angrily. You stare at the ground and glower angrily. You glower angrily at <target>.
clear You clear your throat. You loudly clear your throat. You clear your throat, attempting to get <target>'s attention.
Foottap You tap your foot Linefeed You look at <target> and tap your foot
dance You dance You put your head against the wall and start dancing You dance with it
comfort Do you feel uncomfortable? You make a vain attempt to comfort yourself. You comfort it.
nuzzle Nuzzle who?? I'm sorry, friend, but that's impossible. You nuzzle its neck softly.
applaud Clap, clap, clap. You applaud at yourself. Boy, are we conceited! You clap at <target>'s actions.
Curtsey You curtsey to your audience. You curtsey to your audience (yourself). You curtsey to it.
glare You glare at nothing in particular. You glare at the ground near your feet, too angry to speak. You glare at <target>.
pout You pout quietly in shame. You pout quietly in shame. You pout at <target>.
snap You snap your fingers. You snap your fingers and form a Z shape in the air. You sharply snap your fingers at <target>.
strut Strut your stuff. You strut to yourself, lost in your own world. You strut to get its attention.
wink You wink. Your eye twitches slightly. You wink at <target>.
curse You swear loudly for a long time. You swear at your own mistakes. You swear at it.
grovel You grovel in the dirt. That seems a little silly to me. You grovel before it
hand Whose hand did you want to kiss? A practice makeout session with your hand? I don't think so. You kiss <target>'s hand.
stagger You stagger blindly around the room. Linefeed You stagger toward <target> as the room begins to spin.
lust Your hormones begin to rage. Oh, please! You aren't THAT great... You have lust after <target>.
threaten You threaten everyone with your overwhelming presence. Linefeed You stand tall as you threaten <target>.
beckon You beckon for everyone to follow. You beckon to your shadow to follow. You beckon for <target> to follow -- sure hope they do!
point Who do you want to point at? You point at yourself, obviously very confused. You point at <target>.
innocent You innocently whistle a tune. Linefeed You look at <target> and bat your eyelashes -- the picture of innocence!
moo You chew your cud and moo plaintively. Muh-OOOOO! You settle down into the center of your bovine Zen; the foolish world thinks you're just mooing. You focus all your bovine Zen on <target>, and speak your thoughts. Muh-OOOOO!
pant You pant. You pant heavily, taking in deep breaths.
squeal You squeal with delight! Linefeed You look at <target> and squeal with delight!
explode You feel the blood boiling in your veins! Your soul burns brightly then fades to nothing. You feel your rage explode deep in the pit of your stomach...
criticize Yes, but who? You criticize yourself profusely. You criticize it with all the warmth of a snake.
scratch Who is it that you want to scratch? You scratch your head You kindly scratch <target>'s back.
twitch You twitch nervously. Linefeed You twitch involuntarily at <target>'s presence.
contemplate You bite your lip contemplatively. Linefeed
smile You smile. You smile at yourself. You smile at it.
prance You prance around like a magnificent poof. You prance around like a magnificent poof.
sneer You sneer. You sneer. You sneer at <target>.
lean Linefeed That doesn't make any sense. You lean on <target>.
smack Who do you want to smack? You smack yourself on the forehead! D'oh! You smack <target> upside the back of its head!
flail You flail your arms about wildly! You flail your arms about in pure frustration! You flail your arms wildly at <target>!
scrutinize Who do you want to scrutinize? You scrutinize your own actions carefully. You scrutinize <target> carefully.
squint You squint your eyes. You squint your eyes, crossing them in the process. You squint at <target> in confusion.
ymca You perform a rousing rendition of YMCA for everyone present! You dance around the room doing YMCA without a care in the world. You grab <target> and try to get it to do YMCA with you!
glance You glance around the area. You glance down at your feet. You glance at <target>.
clench You clench your fists in anger. You clench your fists, angered with your own actions. You clench your fists in anger at <target>.
listen You listen You listen intently to your own inner voices You listen to <target>
cackle You cackle gleefully You cackle at yourself You cackle at <target>
sigh You sigh. You let out an exhasperated sigh. You look at <target> and let out a bored sigh.
cry You burst into tears. You cry to yourself. You cry on <target>'s shoulder.
blush You blush. You blush as a thought crosses your mind. You look at <target> and blush.
fart Where are your manners ? You fart at yourself. You deserve it. You fart at it. Boy, you are sick.
groan You groan You groan as you realize what you have done. Janisu groans at the sight of <target>
ruffle You've got to ruffle SOMEONE. You ruffle your hair. You ruffle <target>'s hair playfully.
sneeze Gesundheit ! Linefeed
thank Thank you too. You thank yourself since nobody else wants to ! You thank <target> heartily.
yawn You yawn. You take in a deep breath of air and yawn. You look at <target> and yawn.
pray [Pray] Janisu: [Pray] Janisu: 'self'
hop You hop around like a little kid. Linefeed
yodel You think of Julie Andrews and start to yodel. Well, it's up to you if you want to damage your hearing. <target> covers its ears as you begin to yodel.
snort You snort derisively. You snort derisively at yourself. You snort derisively at <target>.
flutter You flutter your eyelashes seductively. Linefeed You flutter your eyelashes at <target>, trying to be seductive.
roll You can't do that. You can't do that. You can't do that.
wonder You wonder about how things could have been. You wonder about yourself and your purpose here. You look at <target> and wonder what will happen.
rub You rub your hands together in greedy anticipation. You rub yourself...lingering a little too long in some places. You give <target> a nice, long, kinky rubdown.
collapse You collapse on the floor from exhaustion. Linefeed You collapse right into <target>'s arms.
moon You drop your pants and moon everyone present! Riiiiiight. You drop your pants and moon <target>!
whine You whine to anyone who will listen to you. You whine to yourself, probably the only one who will listen. You whine to it, hoping desperately that at least it will give a damn.
spit You spit in utter disgust. That wouldn't be a very good idea. You spit on <target>!
raspberry You stick out your tongue and do a raspberry at nothing in particular. You try to do a raspberry at yourself, but only manage to drool on yourself a bit. You stick your tongue out at <target> and raspberry it!
insane You feel your sanity slipping away... Linefeed
meditate You assume a very comfortable position and begin to meditate. Linefeed
leer You leer about the room. Spending another night with Rosey Palm and her five sisters, I see. You leer at <target>, winking suggestively.
agree You nod in agreement. It's always good to agree with yourself. You nod in agreement with <target>.
doh You think about what you did and say ^DOH!!!^ as you smack your forehead. You smack your forehead and say ^DOH^!!!. You say ^DOH^!!! at it.
scowl You scrunch your face up into a fierce scowl. You scrunch your face up into a fierce scowl. You give <target> an angry scowl showing your displeasure.
handshake You extend your hand to be shaken You clasp your hands together in front of you. You shake hands with <target>.
approve You give a big thumbs up of approval! Self gratification? How special. You give a big thumbs up of approval to <target>!
golfclap You give a quiet, yet sarcastic round of applause. You give yourself a quiet and rather non-enthused round of applause. You give a quiet, yet sarcastic round of applause for <target>.
tap You tap your fingers idly on your knee. You tap yourself on the chest. You tap <target> lightly on the shoulder.
burn You suddenly yell at the top of your lungs, "BUUUUUUUUUUUUURN!" You make fun of yourself with total abandon. You point at <target> and yell, "BUUUUUUUUUUUUURN!"
wring You wring your hands in worry. You look down at the ground in worry, wringing your hands. You look at <target> with a worried expression, wringing your hands.
smiles You smile sweetly. You smile sweetly, blushing slightly. You smile sweetly at <target>.
mock Who do you want to mock? You mock yourself. Weirdo. You mock <target>.
curtsy You give a lady-like curtsy. That would be a neat trick. You give a lady-like curtsy to <target>.
whimper You whimper You whimper quietly to yourself You whimper at <target>
laugh You laugh You laugh at yourself You laugh at <target>
sulk You sulk. Linefeed
poke Who do you want to poke? You poke yourself in the eye, good job. You poke <target> in the ribs.
burp You burp loudly. You burp quietly to yourself. You burp loudly in its ear
flip Who do you want to flip off? You raise your middle finger and stare at it intently. You raise your middle finger at <target> to flip it off.
hiccup You hiccup. Janisu hiccups loudly. You look at <target> and hiccup.
shiver You shiver as a chill runs through your bones. You shiver uncontrollably. A shiver runs down your spine as you look at <target>.
snicker You snicker. You snicker quietly to yourself. You snicker at <target>.
twiddle You patiently twiddle your thumbs. You twiddle your ears like Dumbo. You twiddle its ears.
comb Long inventory selected. Combined inventory selected. Long inventory selected.
beg Who is it that you want to beg? Begging yourself to do something? How much more lazy can you get... You beg <target> unmercifully!
nudge Nudge whom? You nudge yourself, for some strange reason. You nudge it.
pinch Who is it that you want to pinch? You pinch yourself to see if you are dreaming! You give <target> a sharp pinch!
slobber You slobber down your front. Linefeed You slobber on <target>.
bark You bark loudly. You bark at yourself and jump back in fear. You bark at <target> scaring it silly -- SHAME ON YOU!!
swoon You swoon. Linefeed You look at <target> and swoon in ecstasy.
worry You worry about what's going to happen. You worry about what's going to happen. You look at <target> worriedly.
highfive Who do you want to give a high five to? You clap your hands together over your head! You give a big high five to <target>!
stretch You stretch comfortably. Linefeed
goose Who would you like to goose? You pinch yourself on the rear, you must be desperate. You tenderly goose <target> on the tush.
flex You flex your muscles proudly! Linefeed You show off to <target>, flexing your muscles proudly.
mosh You mosh insanely around the room! Masochist! You mosh sadistically against <target> ....
tongue You stick your tongue out at nothing in particular. You stick out your tongue and attempt to touch it to your nose. You stick your tongue out at <target>.
cover Your cover your ears. You cover your ears. You glare at <target> and cover your ears.
tag Who do you want to tag? You do understand the concept of playing tag, right? You quickly leap forward and tag <target>, yelling "You're it!"
shudder You shudder. You shudder violently. You look to <target> and shudder.
toast You raise a glass of champagne in a toast. You grin evilly and toast yourself. You raise your glass of champagne to its.
leap Leap into who's arms? Being bored you leap into the air. You leap into <target>'s arms and smother it with kisses.
bop You bop like crazy! You start bopping by yourself. Loser. You run up to <target> and start showing them your awesome bopping skills.
gawk You gawk. You gawk in disbelief at your own actions. You gawk at <target> in disbelief.
gaze You gaze off into the distance. You gaze longingly at the ground. You gaze at <target> in admiration.
pet You don't have that skill. You don't have that skill. You don't have that skill.
shakefist You shake your fist angrily in the air! Linefeed You shake your fist angrily at <target>!
jest You make a funny face. You make a funny face at your own actions. You make a funny face at <target>.
bleet You bleet like a sheep. Are you feeling well? You bleet loudly! You bleet at <target>.
recoil Who do you want to recoil from? Jumping at your own shadow again? You quickly recoil from <target>!
willy Who do you want to give a wet willy to? You lick your finger and stick it in your own ear. Wet willy....? You lick your finger and stick it in <target>'s ear! Wet willy!
cling Who do you want to cling to? You cling to yourself for dear life! You cling to <target> for dear life!
cigarette Pulling a cigarette from the pack, you light it and inhale deeply. You inhale deeply on your cigarette and then exhale a large puff of smoke. You hold out your pack, offering a cigarette to <target>.
giggle You giggle. You giggle nervously. You giggle at <target>.
hug Hug who? You wrap your arms around your body, hugging yourself tightly. You hug it.
accuse Accuse who?? That won't do much good. You look accusingly at it.
chuckle You chuckle. You chuckle quietly to yourself. You chuckle at <target>.
fondle Who needs to be fondled ? You fondly fondle yourself, feels funny doesn't it? You fondly fondle it.
lick You lick your lips. You lick something from your own fingers, I hope you've kept track of where they've been. You lick <target>'s jawline delicately.
shrug You shrug. You shrug your shoulders in a non chalant manner. You look at <target> and shrug.
sniff You sniff sadly. *SNIFF* You sniff sadly at your lost opportunities. You sniff sadly at the way it is treating you.
wave You wave. You fan yourself gently with your hand. You wave to <target>.
massage Who do you want to massage? That would work a lot better if someone else were doing it. You gently massage <target>'s shoulders.
cringe You cringe. You cringe at something remembered. You cringe away from it.
ponder You ponder for a moment. You ponder on a thought for a moment. You ponder <target>'s comment.
stroke Who is it that you want to stroke? That's better left for the privacy of your own home. You stroke <target>'s back gently, trying to relax it
tease What a tease. SHEESH. You tease yourself. NYAH NYAH NYAH. You tease <target> in a playful way.
howl You howl at the moon. You howl soulfully at <target>.
eyebrow You arch an eyebrow. You arch one eyebrow and then the other, going back and forth in a moment of pure boredom. You arch an eyebrow at <target>.
drool A dribble of drool spills down your chin. A dribble of drool spills down your chin. You look at <target> and drool.
peer You peer around yourself intently. You get a little cross-eyed with your attempts to stare yourself down. You peer intently at <target>.
spam You mutter, 'spam' quietly to yourself again and again. You SPAM <target> mercilessly!
wince You wince in agony. You look at <target> and wince at its remark.
embrace Who would you like to embrace? You try to console yourself with a loving embrace. You wrap your arms around <target> in a warm and loving embrace.
flinch You flinch. You flinch. You flinch, looking at <target>.
grumble You grumble distractedly to yourself Why bother? You grumble at <target>, disgusted with their presence.
flare You flare your nostrils in anger. Are you really that angry with yourself? You glare your nostrils in anger at <target>.
beam You beam happily! You beam happily at your own actions. You beam happily at <target>!
mull You mull over the idea at hand, asking for patience. Linefeed
pound You make vague pounding motions with your fist at the thought. Linefeed You pound it into a bloody mass.
thand Put your hand in who's face? You shove your hand in your face and chat away at it. You put your hand in <target>'s face and say "Talk to the hand cause the face isnt listening."
prod You suspiciously prod the air around you. You cautiously prod yourself in the stomach. You prod <target> in the stomach, they look vaguely irritated.
blink You blink. You blink repeatedly. You blink at <target>.
nag Who is it that you want to nag? Feeling a bit lazy, are we? You nag <target> mercilessly.
stick You stick your tongue out. You touch your nose with your tongue, how very talented. You stick your tongue out at <target>.
hiss You hiss sharply. You hiss sharply at <target>!
crack You crack your knuckles loudly. You crack your neck in a series of loud pops. You glare at <target> while cracking your knuckles.
dismiss You wave a hand dismissively. Bored with yourself? You dismiss <target> with a wave of your hand.
edge Who are you trying to edge away from? Trying to escape from your life again? You edge away from <target> slowly, hoping they don't notice.
smirk You smirk. You smirk evily. You smirk at <target>.
pump You pump your fist in the air! You are victorious! You pump your fist in victory like a madman! Be careful, you might dislocate something. You pump your fist in the air! Victory is yours over <target>!