Name: Sotho (AKA The Scion of Zammun)


Age: Possibly Prehistoric

D.O.B. Unknown

Race: Unique Demon, Chosen Of The Old One Zammun

Occupation: Ex-deity, demon bartender

Historical Notes:

Not much goes by the way of concrete facts when it comes to the being now known as Sotho's origins. Apart from the accounts of the Demon himself, that is. It is commonly accepted that Sotho was created by the Old One Zammun as the beast departed from the world. The Hungry One, a demon of awe inspiring strength and raw destructive power wrought Nine children who would seek out one another and plot to cause their Father's ascension back into the Earth realm. These Nine Demons are all unique and powerful even in different ways from one another each carrying a shard of their father's original essense.

Sotho, or at least a figure who strongly resembles him was depicted in ancient Sumerian temple art, lending some credance to the claim that he was once worshipped as some kind of deity. It is also during this time that Sotho's destiny would be alterred forever by some very strong sorceries. The demon would be trapped within a human host and reincarnated from one to another much in the same way that other weapons against the supernatural were wrought. The demon would lend his might to the heroes thus chosen in an attempt to preserve itself. Sotho has had a back row seat for most of human history and hated every minute of it.

It was not until the modern time that Sotho would find an escape from his indenture. Unlike his hosts, Sotho is an immortal being or something close to it and he needed only bide his time whispering darkness into the minds of the host until one gave in to his demands. One did. Eli Reese was last seen heading off to fight Zammun alone. Sotho woke up the next day, returned to Sunnydale and free to roam the land again, albeit in a much weaker form than the truly horrific monster he once was.

These days Sotho can mostly be found around the demon bar of Sunnydale

, serving drinks and lamaneting his lost godhood, regaling demons and other frequenters of the establishment about the "good old days."

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