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Other: special

Syntax: special check
        special <number/s>

Special attacks are built up as you fight, special check will
show you your progress to being able to perform one, this
progress does also slowly decay when you're not fighting.
You can choose which of your special attacks you use, anything
from 1 up to the maximum number you have, you cannot check
which ones you have or even how many, so you'll have to experiment.

For optimum effect special attacks should be timed for just when
the target has about the same amount of hitpoints left as you
can feasibly do, attaining this or close to this will give you
a chain of special attacks, which you can specify also by entering
a chain of numbers such as special 3 2 1 would do your special
attacks in that order. Chains do more damage than special attacks
by themselves and the more special attacks you manage to obtain
the more you'll be able to increase the damage of your chains.

There are about 30 special attacks in the game, mostly they are
obtained by getting your stats to a certain level, but it's up to
you to try to find them all.