Area: Announcements - Note #3050
From: Tyr
To: all
Subj: State of stuff
Time: Wed Apr 15 15:50:51 2009

Ok I've pretty much fixed everything I can fix, that is to say area stuff
should work ok now, house list and shop list are all back in action.  People
who've had characters restored, the point of backup would be about a week
ago so yes you'll be behind on some stuff, please drop me a note if you're
behind a little in xp or fame and I'll see what I can do about fixing you

Stuff we've lost I can't really restore, circle info, legacies, event list,
who owns what house/shop, the NPC soldier list for nemesis events etc. 

The soldier list isn't a huge loss, losing the legacies really sucks,
particularly for those old players but there really isn't anything I can do
about it.  For the loss of houses/shops I'm going to institute for at least
a few days and probably about a week double money gained from working.  To
deal with the loss of circles I'm going to institute again for likely about
a week much increased ability to build circle rep and manpower etc.  Events
will also for a few days to a week tick down about three times as fast. 

If you guys notice anything else funky, please drop a note or something
letting me know, additionally I've changed how the cooldowns on feats work
now, which should make them a bit easier to obtain. 

Sorry for the mess, I'm going to be working on improving out backup system
over the next week to try and limit the possibility of this happening again.

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