Other: stats

   Pure phyical power, makes you hit harder and is required
for many skills.
   How fast you can react and move, higher speed will give
you more attacks.
martial arts:
   Your knowledge of the worlds martial arts, the primary
statistic for most physical skills.
General Magic
    The most common form of magic

Aligned Magic
  A more powerful type of magic, with spells aligned to either good or evil
Mental Magic
  Magic without words, including the infamous pencil floating trick!
Magic Endurance
   Controls how many spells you can cast before becoming
Demon offense:
   Demonic powers that cause damage to others, such as
stinging foam that shoots out from the nose.
Demon buffs:
   Demonic powers that enhance you, such as rock hard
Demon mystic:
   Other demon powers, such as sensing peoples futures.
   Ability to find things out with a mystic libary.
Weapon assembly:
   Build or improve long range weapons.
Weapon skill:
   Ability with long range weapons.
   Directly affects your total condition.

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