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======================================================================<br />Other: story<br />======================================================================<br /><br />When Buffy Summers and Willow Rosenberg empowered potential Slayers the<br />world over, they radically changed the balance of power in the war<br />between good and evil.&nbsp; Suddenly the Vampires and Demons were overwhelmed<br />with Slayers, it seemed that the very existence of evil on earth seemed in<br />peril.&nbsp; Eventually however the forces of darkness started to respond, Demon<br />Shamans and Warlocks all across the face of the world began opening portals<br />to shadowy and nefarious planes, summoning reinforcements.&nbsp; At the same time<br />Vampires began to sire more and more humans, the kill-count rising as they<br />replenished their numbers as fast as the Slayers cut them down.&nbsp;<br /><br />Meanwhile, approximately eighteen months after the Sunnydale Hellmouth was<br />closed, Buffy Summers and a small group purportedly succeeded in sealing up<br />the Hellmouth in Cleveland.&nbsp; And as the battle raged on all around the<br />world, the watcher's Council attempted to rebuild in the wake of the<br />devastating attacks upon their organisation by the First Evil.&nbsp; Without a<br />cohesive leadership however the council broke into several quasi-independent<br />factions, each claiming to be the true watcher's council in petty rivalry<br />and each made mostly from retired watchers or those pulled straight from the<br />academy.&nbsp; Rivalling these groups was the faction under Rupert Giles, which,<br />while run significantly differently from more classical council factions,<br />did have agents that performed basically the same functions as watchers, and<br />claimed more slayers under it than any other faction.&nbsp;<br /><br />While this was occuring the conflict between good and evil had escalated<br />from skirmishes to a war on a grand scale, extreme and violent in nature<br />spilling over constantly onto the civilian population.&nbsp; Vampires were now<br />killing thousands, innocents slaughtered as bystanders in the battles between<br />the Slayers and the Vampires and Demons.&nbsp; The whole affair was becoming<br />inadvertently violent and public.&nbsp; An incident in London drew the public eye<br />when a Vampiric gang retaliated against a Slayer by killing her family with<br />a car-bomb in the main streets of the city.&nbsp;<br /><br />Just as governments and other organisations all over the world were<br />stretched to their utmost limits trying to suppress the knowledge of the<br />supernatural from exploding across the face of the earth, something<br />interfered.&nbsp; Some entity or entities of great power, travelled to southern<br />California, and resurrected the town of Sunnydale, folding the very fabric<br />of time to recreate the town exactly as it existed in 1999.&nbsp; Nobody knows<br />who or what it was that brought the town back, except that it must've been<br />incredibly powerful.&nbsp; There are rumours that it was done by the Wolf, Ram &<br />Hart, and others that it was done by The Powers That Be, whatever the truth,<br />the Entity seemingly vanished once the deed was complete, leaving the newly<br />resurrected town for the taking.&nbsp;<br /><br />People came from all over the country to settle in Sunnydale, the town being<br />recreated with all it's property intact, but no longer with any owners,<br />thusly property prices were the lowest anywhere in America and it did not<br />take long for people to start taking advantage of this fact.&nbsp; And as the<br />humans flooded in above ground, so too did the Demonic underground, drawn by<br />the alluring emanations of the newly returned Hellmouth.&nbsp;<br /><br />And thus it was, that vampires, demons, and those that fought them from all<br />over the world began to congregate in Sunnydale.&nbsp; Intentionally or not the<br />being that remade Sunnydale spared the rest of the world the terrible<br />conflict that had been brewing since the power of the slayer was shared.<br />But it came at a price, the battle that would have taken place all over the<br />world, instead took place in one small Californian town.&nbsp; With so many<br />slayers, the vampire and demons were by far more aggressive and reckless<br />than they had been before, the use of guns, bombs, and unstable destructive<br />magics becoming more and more common place in the battle between good and<br />evil.&nbsp;<br /><br />This is the situation into which you have entered, a furious war rages<br />around you, all the more intense for the small battlefield.&nbsp; But it is a war<br />which must be fought, it is a battleground that must be maintained, lest the<br />war escape this little town, and consume all the world.&nbsp;<br />----------------------------------------------------------------------

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