Area: Announcements - Note #3172
From: Tyr
To: all
Subj: Sunnydale Police Crack down
Time: Wed May  6 11:46:18 2009

Many new programs advertise the promotion of a new chief of police for
sunnydale who has vowed to crack down on all crimes and increase police
presence in the town.  "Sunnydale should not be a place where adults are
afraid to walk at night, where weirdos and criminals work in public
untouched."  The new chief was quoted as saying.

OOC: I'm going to be instituting a new policy on a test basis, in short I'd
like people to report any RP that happens that is somehow unrealistic but
isn't caught by the code.  Stuff like people repeatedly shooting guns in
public, dropping drinks for underage people over and over, flying, using
engulfs or other obviously mystical powers or groping people who look like
children in public etc etc.

It's not limited to stuff police should respond to, anything is fair game as
long as it's unrealistic.  When reported we'll warn the players then start
instituting some IC repercussions, jail time etc.  We have to accept the
code isn't perfect at catching every possible thing people should go to jail
for but!  This is supposed to be a basically human town, people might know
weird stuff goes on but it's still a secret, even if not a very well kept
one.  In a few days I'll also be changing the code to disallow large
guns/weapons carried on people's backs into public areas, but I do remind
you the bronze has a stash room in the foyer which isn't public.

Everyone will be warned before anything happens to them, so you don't have
to worry about getting slammed out of nowhere but really.  We can all work
together to make the game/town feel a lot more like a real place I think and
that will in my opinion improve everyone's RP experience.

PS: Please include logs with your reports if possible and note them in the
OOC section to immortal.

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