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Guide based too much on meta information[]

I have problems with this guide, if, for nothing else, it should be posted probably on the forums of the game. In other parts, it seems to use big meta-information that a player might or might not always have. Take the point of the "Unless they are genning against you" line...9 times out of 10, a Buffy MUD character has so many enemies and even more hidden agendas, to the point that, you'll never know for certain if they're genning against you without the powers of an Immortal. This point is unfound in this guide, in that it seems confused to what a player should do, kill them, not kill them, kill them if you have a reason, kill them if they're genning on you. What happens if they weren't? Leave them to die? I can agree to that as for dramatic intrigue, which makes me wonder why anyone would make the assumption that undermines that point and says do it if you guess correctly. Cloworora the dissident 09:36, March 10, 2011 (UTC)

I think all guides, this one included, should eventually be worked into more appropriate pages and deleted from the wiki as they become obsolete. For the moment though, I think whoever put these up here intended them to be easily accessed resources. It helps to have everything in one spot regardless if it's on the forums somewhere already or not. I think it's better to duplicate information rather than spread it out between them in the meanwhile.

Once we have a good page to put some of the information here on, we can get rid of it. Until then, please feel free to correct errors or add such disclaimers to the guide. This copy of it is a community work in progress now that it's on the wiki. --Amatsuka 12:09, March 7, 2011 (UTC)

I think the idea of adding a new section to collect the guides that have made it onto the wikia page would suffice. I nominate you for this job. Cloworora the dissident 09:40, March 10, 2011 (UTC)