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Other: technique

Techniques are ways you can further enhance and specialise your
character, they can only be learnt from aggressive mobs or
hellmouth/initative mobs, you can also only learn them from
mobs near your level, only one technique can be held per
10 levels. Basically what happens is that when you slay a mob
you could receive a message that you have learnt a technique at
the end. It is not guaranteed that you will learn something every time.
Areas you can learn techniques in include; The Killing Fields,
Docks, Construction Sight, Gaiman Crypt, Kingman's Bluff, Hellmouth
and Initiative.

Syntax: technique show
    Shows all mastered techniques and their levels

Syntax: technique library
    Shows all known techniques that can be mastered. Please note that
initially there will be no techniques listed in your library until you
have learnt some. They are then stored in your library for you to either
put into slots, store up for levels or sell for tech points.

Syntax: technique list
    Shows all the techniques.

Syntax: technique info <number>
    Shows the information on a particular technique.

Syntax: technique level <slot>
    Levels up a technique in the selected slot as seen in technique show.
It will cost more technique points to level as you advance.

Syntax: technique learn <slot> <number>
    Dedicates a slot to learning a particular technique.

Syntax: technique unlearn <slot>
    Completely unlearns a technique from a slot, clearing it
for future use.

Syntax: technique sell <number>
    Trades in an unwanted technique for points that can be used
to buy other techniques.

syntax: technique sell all
    Sells all techniques in the library not currently learnt.

Syntax: technique buy <number>
    Buys points in a technique for points earnt by selling other
techniques, costs steadily increase the more of the technique
that you're trying to buy that you have.

The costs to level up a technique steadily increase, effects
are cumulative however, so two slots can have the same technique
and will both contribute to it.